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>> Friday, August 20, 2010

So it's been almost a week since The Next Food Network Star's season six's winner was announced, so I'm hoping I'm not spoiling it for anybody. I was really pulling for Brad to win. Sure, his camera skills needed work, but that is a skill that can be developed. What are your thoughts on Aarti joining the FN family? Will you tune into her show Aarti Party? I don't think I'll actually watch her show, but I will definitely be looking at her for Indian recipes.

Have any of you auditioned for NFNS? I haven't, but I already know I don't have the on-camera skills or cooking chops. Producing and editing skills are a different story...


Anna 9:51 AM  

I watched it one time at the gym, but that was about it. For some reason it makes me edgy.

Katrina 9:15 PM  

I was happy with any of the final three. Who was Brad? There was Tom and Herb. I don't remember Brad. I'm not good at remembering names very well though.
I would never want my own show! Sell my cookies, maybe, but my own show, nope.

karen 5:44 AM  

I was so sad when Brad left ... and was pulling for a Tom win at the end BUT I kinda got my wish because he's been given his own PRIMETIME show which I'll be far more likely to watch than a daytime one :)

And is it just me or did Brad look like maybe he could be Spike's little brother from Top Chef a couple seasons back?

Life is too short . . . 6:51 PM  

I was actually rooting for Herb at the end there. I liked Aarti well enough - but I thought her ideas were fairly limited. However, based on the judges reaction over the last two weeks I did feel it was her competition to loose. I was a little surprised a few days ago when I saw an Food Network ad for another show featuring an Indian chef. I can never find the shows of the winners. I wish they would make the announcement of when the new show was going to premiere more prominent during the last show.

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