Tuesdays With Dorie - Coconut Tea Cake

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This week's recipe was one I made last year when I had some limes in the kitchen. Knowing how much I loved it, I decided to make it again when it was chosen. I didn't take an updated picture because well, it looks exactly the same. Except I used lemon instead of lime. You can read more about this on my earlier post, but all you have to know is that this cake is worth making again and again. It can be somewhat dry, so if you aren't eating this with coffee or tea, you may want to consider a simple glaze to pour on top.

Thanks Carmen of Carmen Cooks for hosting this week! You can find the recipe on pages 194-195 of Baking: From My Home To Yours or on Carmen's blog.


Nicola 7:36 AM  

It looks gorgeous! I also loved this cake. I couldn't resist adding a glaze :-)

Megan 12:53 PM  

It sound delicious.
So a common phrase around here when my cell phone rings, we always say *it must be Chocolate Moosey*. I still get all your updates on my phone!

Flourchild 1:17 PM  

Im glad you loved it, it looks yummy!

Tia 4:02 PM  

wow, good enough for a second time around, eh? :)
nice job.

Susan 9:53 AM  

It looks delicious! I didn't get to it this week, but might try to fit it in for next week.

Carmen 3:45 PM  

Your cake is gorgeous! thanks for baking with me this week.

Cindy 7:30 PM  

I loved this cake! I will make it again.

Becky 11:17 AM  

glad you liked it. I am making it today. hope it turns out well for me. I'm trying a lemon, lime and possibly grapefruit combo.

We'll see how it goes!

mike 2:09 PM  

I loved this cake as well - but just used powdered sugar. This looks great! So glad you enjoyed it!

Debbie Bello 3:48 AM  

This cake does look very good. I like your site and your posts.

Amy B. 11:42 AM  

Nice moist cake! Would love to eat one right now, mm!

Chocolate Gifts 11:22 PM  

I was hungry while looking at the picture...I'll tell my mom this afternoon to bake a cake like that...heheheh

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