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>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

The lovely people at McCormick have contacted me again about trying out their "Decorate It Yourself (D.I.Y) Workshop." Now, when they said they'd send me a toolkit, I thought they meant a care package like last time. I remember coming home and my parents asking, what did you order?? I said oh McCormick is sending me some stuff. When I walked into my room, there was this HUGE box on my floor. I'm talking big enough to hold two Murrays. It was HUGE. After opening it, I realized McCormick literally sent me a toolkit. Like, a box with hinges. Literally.

Palette, brushes, egg holders, sprinkles, neon and regular food coloring, vanilla, spice drops, marshmallows, cookie cutters, cupcake liners, and coconut

Even McCormick had something special for the cat.

Huge kudos for their PR/marketing team. Literally, a toolkit. I am so shocked and super excited I have another storage container (yes, I have issues being obsessed with storage containers).

Among my goodies was a packet of creative ideas and recipes. I won't have time to blog all about it now (simply bc there's so much and I still have lots to try), but I did make the Hello Flower Cupcakes. My neighborhood holds a spaghetti dinner each month. Being it's a neighborhood dinner, donations are always welcomed. Since my toolkit arrived several days before the dinner, I thought it was convenient to make flower cupcakes for a spring spaghetti dinner.

This is the second time I've donated and the second time my dad had to deliver for me. Both times I had to work. Although he didn't stick around for taste comments, there were a lot of ooos and ahhs. The recipe called for yellow cake cupcakes and 1 can vanilla frosting. With me being me, I made chocolate cupcakes and vanilla frosting from scratch. I chose chocolate cupcakes instead because they looked like flowers in soil instead of flowers in...uh...sand? Although technically you shouldn't be able to tell because of the green frosting, but you get the point. Plus I don't have a tested and approved yellow cake recipe yet. Here is the link to make Hello, Flower Cupcakes.

One awesome trick I learned is to take white sprinkles and add food coloring. Mix it around a bit (they say use a container with a lid and shake it but I just stirred it in a bowl), spread it onto a plate/wax paper/foil/whatever, then let dry for 15 minutes. Tada! Colored sprinkles! Now I don't have to buy a million things of sprinkles (although I still will). I used this trick with the green sprinkles (on the grass part). I already had blue and purple sprinkles, so I wasn't going to make more.

This is just one of the many ideas McCormick has to offer in their D.I.Y. Workshop. The rest I haven't tried yet (stupid Target). In case you can't wait or I don't get around to it in a timely manner, you can try Stuffed French Toast, Cheesy Bacon and Egg Brunch Casserole, and Festive Meringue Cookies.

Also, make sure you use McCormick's food coloring for dyeing Easter eggs this year. You can check out their virtual Easter workshop for decorating tips and ideas.


Ida 4:36 AM  

Ah, that's just bloody awesome. I too want big surprise-packages in the mail. XD

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