The Lazy Baker Cookie Mix Review

>> Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First off, I would like to thank The Lazy Baker for letting me try their product for free. Second, I want to apologize for being incompetent when making chocolate chip cookies. You see, it wasn't until a few months ago that I finally realized I was using diet margarine (35%) instead of regular margarine (60%). Before this mistake, my cookies never came out right. Just scraps of really thin CCC.

Now, an amauteur baker would blame the product for not working. Actually, I partially blame my cookie scoop. DO NOT BUY YOUR COOKIE SCOOP FROM TARGET! I'm a horrible employee, I know! I bought a (plastic) cookie scoop from Target, which was new for the holiday season. The "metal" (aluminum?) part that pushes out your dough somehow shifted after three cookies and stopped working. Fixed it, then three more cookies later, it shifted again. Argh. Now I know why they are usually $10.

ANYWAY, I'm blaming my cookie scoop because it makes 1 1/2 inch balls. The Lazy Baker says it makes 2 dozen. I got 2 1/2 dozen. Sweet, I thought. Turns out the first two dozen spread too thin and had a horrible time keeping them in one piece, even with using a silcone mat. So my last six I made them 2 inches, and they were fine.

Now for my review of the actual product. The purpose of this mix is to provide all natural ingredients for those who are too lazy to bake or don't want to make from scratch. One thing I would change about the instructions is to specify 2 inch balls rather than saying small balls. When I made small balls, they spread too thin. Also, my dough was probably warm, but I wanted to follow the instructions because chances are, the audience intended wouldn't know that chilling the dough helps prevent spreading. Maybe state, chill dough for 10 minutes (or whatever). Or chilling dough will prevent overspreading and leaving it as an option.

Tastewise, they were yummy. A little weird to cream the butter and egg together as opposed to butter and sugar. Also, I didn't read the add dry mix gradually part, so that took a little extra time bc I dumped the whole thing in at once. Whoops.

So despite a few instruction changes, this product has some potential. No unknown preservatives. Just your flour, sugar, baking powder, etc. Great to have on hand when you are working and too tired to measure. Or you have kids and don't trust their measuring skills and don't feel like monitoring them. All you do is add butter, egg, and vanilla.


Jules Someone 11:56 PM  

Next time skip the margarine and go for real butter. All the difference in the world!

Steph 5:52 PM  

It's nice to know that some mixes don't have weird ingredients in them. I agree with Jules, use butter!

Btw, I really like the scoops from oxo.

manishfusion 8:28 AM  

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