Kraft Basket Giveaway

>> Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kristin from Kraft Foods has recently contacted me about ways they are reaching out to home cooks online. There are times in every foodie's life where you have a question, whether it's about a technique, ingredient, or recipe in general. What better way to get your answer than using popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube?

Kraft Foods has recently relaunched their Facebook page. I became a fan, and you should too! Don't worry if you are not a blogger. Only a passion for food is required. I haven't taken full advantage yet because I just joined, but I did browse around. Real Kraft Food representatives do answer you on their wall, whether it's a question or just feedback. Good to know someone really does listen. There are also tabs for recipes, photos, videos, and currently Thanksgiving.

They also have a You Tube channel. This is perfect for those who are visual learners. I know there have been recipes where I just don't quite understand a direction. Or I have failed a recipe several times and want to see how it's really done (i.e. fudge). While browsing, I found a video on how to cut up a whole chicken. How many of you never cut up a whole chicken before? Me me me! How many of you can describe in words how to cut up a chicken without using pictures? ...that's what I thought. I might have to give this one a try. It's not just for recipes and techniques either. There are some how to pick this fruit or how to save money buying groceries.

Lastly, we have Kraft Food's Twitter page. Although Twitter may not be the best place to discuss food topics, it's a great way to learn about the latest recipes and updates. I'm following them right now, but I don't have much to say about this at the moment. There's only so much you can do with Twitter.

My intial thoughts about these: Facebook is great because real people answer questions and comments. It feels good to know someone actually cares about what you have to say. You Tube is wonderful because watching videos is better than reading a piece of paper. I remember and understand more by seeing than reading. Twitter is alright for me. I hardly use my Twitter account, so this may not be the best way. For others who tweet often, it'll be great because they can say, hey Kraft has a new recipe up.

You still with me? Good, because you probably noticed the title of this post - Kraft Basket Giveaway. Kraft Foods has kindly provided me and one lucky reader to receive a wonderful goodie basket. Here's what's inside:

Four delicious holiday recipes from the Kraft Foods Kitchens, a Zak Designs garlic peeler, an HA Mack olivewood mixing spoon, NEW Velveeta Rotini and Cheese Whole Grain, Planters cocktail peanuts, Planters pecans, Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate, Stove Top, Honey Maid cinnamon crackers, Jet Puffed marshmallows, Oreos, Kraft salad dressing, NEW Maxwell House Blend coffee, NEW Ritz Brown Sugar Cinnamon crackers and NEW Wheat Thins Flatbread crackers.

Sound yummy? This is how you enter - Kraft Foods wants feedback about their networking channels. Leave a comment telling me what you are most interested in hearing about in these channels (i.e. recipes, updates, holiday tips, nutritional info, cooking with kids, gluten-free, etc.). Or if you don't want to join, why not? One comment per person. I will pick the winner using a random number generator. That winner will have the basket mailed to them.

Giveaway ends November 30. Happy networking!


Katrina 5:22 PM  

I really enjoy Kraft Foods website and their food! ;) I will join on FB. Not so much a Twitter-er. I just don't have to for it. I would love most of all to have recipes/recipe ideas from their site.
Awesome giveaway.

Adam 9:34 PM  

Those old Kraft magazines are pretty much the recipes that got me into baking. I used to use them all the time for ideas. Their pumpkin cheesecake has saved my baking hide many, many times. I'm a watch and learn guy, so videos are up my alley :)

Deborah 12:58 AM  

I think a Kraft channel on YouTube is a great idea - a lot of seemingly complicated recipes can be made simple by watching how they're made.

Facebook can be used to point to new videos, recipes and deals.

Twitter? Probably not so much, at least for me. My Twitter page moves too fast to be good for more than casual use.

asthenight at gmail dot com

cpullum 1:47 AM  

The recipes I love kraft recipes! I just joined their facebook thanks for sharing!

cdziuba 4:57 AM

I am always interested in slow-sooker/crockpot recipes, essentially anything that helps with our frugality and leaner food budget.

Also appreciate coupons, offers, samples, and customer loyalty program.

lsfish 7:08 AM  

I would be interested in recipes using healthy ingredients like shoe grains

buzzd 8:48 AM  

I would like more budget friendly healthy recipes

Amber 8:59 AM  

I am most interested in nutritional information and recipes. Also, I'd love to hear if Kraft is taking any steps to benefit the environment in a blog of some sort!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

April,  9:00 AM  

I'd love more receipes that are gluten free or lactose free.


Missybeez 10:01 AM  

I would like more healthy food alternative recipies.More Vegetarian recipies for kids.

sue14625 10:03 AM  

Kraft Food website i have bookmarked always can find recipes to try and great ideas for mixing things up a little bit when i get in a cooking rut

Sonya 10:15 AM  

I would be more interested in a facebook page than twitter. I'd be interested in coupons and recipes. Thanks!

suburban prep 10:15 AM  

I would lvoe recipes and holiday tips for entertaining.

McKim 10:46 AM  

I go to the Kraft website quite often for recipes and ideas.

mverno 10:54 AM  

i like shortcuts for the holidays . any ideas on this would be nice

5webs 12:51 PM  

Twitter does seem to be the way of the future, but you're right, there is only so much that one can do on Twitter. So Facebook or YouTube. I would like to see cooking demonstrations using Kraft products on YouTube. Quick and simple meals with ingredients that are easy to find. Kraft is known for family food, not gourmet food, so they need to address stay-at-home mothers' needs and families on a budget.
Alicia Webster

Pat,  12:51 PM  

I'm interested in hearing about fast, easy healthy recipes.
pkildow at gmail dot com

Anonymous,  2:02 PM  

OOh! I love Kraft foods and I always like seeing their recipes on the back of the products. It would be great if I could win this!

mogrill 2:30 PM  

I love their recipes and check them out about once a week. Thanks for the chance.`

marthajane 3:14 PM  

Recipes for low-cost healthy meals would be great. Also money saving coupons are always welcome.

JamieRothe 3:52 PM  

I would love ideas for cooking for kids and teaching them nutrition at the same time...getting them more involved with making a better choice...and not me nagging them all the time ;o)


PatZ 4:20 PM  

The first recipes I ever made as a kid were from a Kraft cookbook pamphlet my mother had.

Theresa 4:48 PM  

The YouTube page is a fantastic idea. I really like being able to watch & pause the recipe as needed. I'm definitely most interested in more video recipes.

Bookish in a Box 5:13 PM  

I'm always interested in hearing about new recipes, especially for kids & picky eaters.

whatinabox (at) gmail (dot) com 6:22 PM  

I would like to see budget healthy meals.

Tegan 6:46 PM  

I would like to see vegetarian recipes, especially suggestions based on what products are seasonally available.

Stephanie 6:46 PM  

quick healthy meal options to feed a large family.
tvollowitz at aol dot com

cookiert 6:53 PM  

Definitely recipes! I love the recipes in their food and family magazine. I'm pretty annoyed that they are now charging for subscriptions to the formerly free magazine.

Dawn of the Dead 6:56 PM  

I'm on twitter all the time and getting recipe ideas that way is an excellent idea. I do all the cooking around here and like to mix things up a bit and try new ideas and recipes as well.

Pat 7:12 PM  

I'm most interested in recipes. Kraft has such great products, and I want to be able to use them in all sorts of ways.

nick 8:11 PM  


Meredith 8:45 PM  

I am definitely always looking for new recipes... and reviews of recipes that were already tried.

elaine,  8:47 PM  

I like hearing about Kraft everyday recipes and holiday recipes and tips-also recipes on cooking for diabetics would be great.

Elaine R

kayte71 8:48 PM  

I am most excited by the print version of their mag. I love twitter but probably wouldn't use it for browsing for dinner ideas.
kaytewatts AT aol DOT com

Anonymous,  8:51 PM  

Tell Kraft: I am always looking for Low glycemic/sugarfree recipes and products- many diabetic members of my family visit during the holidays: I's so love to give them some special treats!

aerialkabuki 10:46 PM  

I'd like to see gluten free recipes. I'd share the gift basket with my gluten eating BF.

pattycake 11:34 PM  

I'd join for recipes and coupons. I use a lot of kraft products.

julis55 11:35 PM  

I would like more healthy food alternative recipies.More Vegetarian recipies for kids

semtaylor 12:01 AM  

Recipes and nutrition information is what I would like to see. I am always looking for healthy things to make and this would be great. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

David Johnson 2:06 AM  

We like recipes but we don't facebook or twitter, might check it out on youtube though, thanks.

Michele 2:09 AM  

Thank you for the giveaway. I'd like to see more kid friendly recipes that they can help me with. I would also love to see free product samples.

Sharon Harmon,  8:17 AM  

I would like to see diabetic recipes.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicole C. 8:55 AM  

The more recipes the better!!


Bacallsmom 9:21 AM  

I would like to see cookie recipes. Thanks for the chance to win.

Linda 11:44 AM  

I love their recipe area, I always use it for special occasions.

sphinx63 11:51 AM  

The youtube idea is great. Makes learning recipes so much easier! I am interested in sugar-free recipes, and am always wanting coupons. Thanks!

sphinxcw at aol dot com

littlelatina 1:13 PM  

I love Kraft foods

sweetsue 1:15 PM  

I definitely want nutritional info. I am always looking for lower calorie variations of recipes.
smchester at gmail dot com

Sheila P 5:37 PM  

I would love recipe ideas.

Mom2anutball 5:55 PM  

I would definitely love to hear some more recipes, holiday and regular!
hawkgirl_16 {at} hotmail {dot} com

rubyredsquirt 6:50 PM  

I would love to see recipes especially those with few ingredients.

Carolyn G 8:46 PM  

I follow on twitter, facebook and you tube. I love their site. I liked the Facebook site because I could find recipes. I loved the you tube site because it also had recipes. I think it;s important to keep readers abreast of their new prodcuts and what you can do with them.

Susan 10:21 PM  

I love recipes. I get the KraftFoods magazine and always make at least one recipe from each issue.

elizabeth p,  2:33 AM  

A few years back Kraft offered a box of goodies for like $5. That hooked me, I loved that box and everything in it.

I would love to see more product offerings like the one above. I would also like to see more cooking low fat quick meals with kids.

I am queenesperfect at

mar 5:31 AM  

I am always looking for new chicken recipes. This would be my suggestion for Kraft thank you.

Jean 6:02 AM  

Healthy recipes. I am constantly looking on the internet for healthy recipes

Nickolay 12:05 PM  

I am interested in hearing more about their gluten free options. We have someone who is allergic to wheat


jennem 1:25 PM  

More all-natural options would be great!
Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

Brn2lisn 2:43 PM  

I had no idea that they were on FB, I became a fan - really interested in Holiday Tips and recipies.


marjeannie 3:21 PM  

Kraft Channel on You Tube: Great idea. Too many facebook friend site, and twitter and e-mail to keep track of. It seems anytime you become a member of anything, you get so much e-mail. I'm drowning in e-mail.

Annie1 4:21 PM  

Following Kraft on Twitter


Facebook Fan of Kraft

Anne Taylor or annectaylor1

I'd love quick meal suggestions, slow cooker recipes, low sugar recipes, lower in fat recipes! Diffferent cooking methods??

(in Canada)

Joannie,  11:39 PM  

I'm interested in hearing about nutritiously dense foods - foods that are the healthiest for me and my family.
hi_joan_elliott at hotmail dot com

sksweeps 11:47 PM  

I'd like to learn more about vegetarian meals. My 15 year old daughter has just decided she wants to try to be a vegetarian, and I want to make sure she is eating a healthy, balanced diet.

erin m. 2:53 AM  

Some sort of fun games
with the daily nutrion for kids--
I was so suprised when i learned how many servings
One was SUPOSED to have per day!

idahomom 10:08 AM  

With two teenage boys, I need to know how to cook to fill them up without breaking the bank.

ehhogan 10:53 AM  

I'd like to see some more money saving tips on their channels

ehhogan at

mscoffee77 1:36 PM  

An special diet section-our son is on a gluten free/casein free diet and I would love to get recipes.


Candie L 11:50 AM  

I like recipies for kids. Thank you


bison61 2:31 PM  

I am most interested in recipes for every day use and for the holidays

tiramisu392 (at)

Karen,  5:09 PM  

I would be most interested in nutritional info.

Anonymous,  8:22 PM  

I would like to see more dinner recipes, quick healthy ones-
Diane Baum

ky2here 8:45 PM  

I've used their recipes - I'd like to see a wider variety of challenging recipes.

JulieMoe 10:03 PM  

I'm most interested in hearing tips via twitter

Janna @ Feed Your Pig 10:18 PM  

I want to see more coupons!

Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

Janna Johnson

Jen @ Blog Giveaway Directory 9:01 AM  

I am most interested in the recipes. Also, as a dietitian, I am interested on nutritional information on their foods. Thanks for the chance to win.
ssovrnej (at)

dandmrobbins 1:41 PM  

I still prefer to get Kraft info in paper form (from the mail). I like the feel of it, and it's easier to clip and use later.

ellie 1:44 PM  

I followed Kraft on Twitter. I really don't do Facebook or I would have joined that. I love Kraft products and would like to see more coupons for their products, not just new products to try. I also love their recipes and have tried many of them.

eswright18 at gmail dot com

plhill2000 1:47 PM  

I alraedy receive their newsletter and I love their recipes.

Robin T 2:17 PM  

I tend to stay away from the networking sites like facebook, but do go the Kraft website for recipes

kathy55439 2:55 PM  

I love kraft recipes! they are nice an simple

Darcie K. 3:44 PM  

I am most interested in coupons and Cooking with Kids. Also, Cooking for Two.

dreeg 5:57 PM  

I love Kraft recipes and am looking forward to nutritional info.

Michael,  6:41 PM  

Although I love several of their products, I don't tune in to Kraft's networking channel(s) - in fact, I don't even know which channels they are! But that's because I'm personally not much into watching that venue; however, that is subject to change without notice! :)


Aisling 6:59 PM  

Kraft always has great recipes and I'd love to see more of those. My youngest granddaughter is a vegetarian, so I'd love to find more recipes for her.

Julie Vineyard 8:47 PM  

I love Kraft recipes.

Lisa 10:42 PM  

Healthy recipes that are low in calories are always good to know.

Tamara 10:45 PM  

I am most interested in recipes, especially healthy recipes.

PamelaJD 10:46 PM  

I've had the Kraft website bookmarked for ages. My kids love it & it gives them ideas to help me out in the kitchen.
There are not enough hours in the day to keep up with facebook...
I do like twitter, sure the content is limited but that's what makes it so effective. After looking at the Kraft twitter page it looks like they're just getting their feet wet & haven't really figured it out.

Anonymous,  11:04 PM  

I love Kraft products and the recipes from their site. I also love the many sweepstakes they sponsor.

Jill Myrick (jsc123) 11:45 PM  

We have found so many great recipes on the Kraft website.
When I am looking for something new or special that is the first place that I go for a recipe.
I am a fan of Kraft on Facebook and am following via Twitter.
And I love seeing that they contribute to making sure that others are fed and not hungry.
To me that says a lot about Kraft.

Thank you so much for the chance to win.


crystal,  1:33 AM  

I am looking forward to hearing seasonal recipes and ideas. I am looking forward to checking them out on Youtube!!
I also loved the Kraft Magazine that i use to receive... I am hoping to subscribe so i don't miss an issue;)


momznite 2:33 AM  

I like the idea of recipes. I am not sure if I would join. My preference is to be able to visit sites when i am in the mood rather than getting random updates via facebook or other source.

Brandy 3:57 AM  

I'd love to see tweets with links to coupons

Sweeter the berry 4:47 AM  

I would enjoy knowing more gluten-free recipes and info.

Noggy,  5:08 AM  

I lean more towards the traditional Kraft website because it has information about new products, nutritonal information and recipes. That being said I've become a fan of Kraft on Facebook because the daily news feed would keep my up to date whenever they add something new and that is something I would potentially missed if I was not a Fan. I also subscribed to their newsletter so I don't miss out on any of their promotions. I guess you could say that Kraft definitely has a place at our table on a regular basis.


calvad 5:56 AM  

I am always interested in hearing about healthy recipes!

heaventrees 6:08 AM  

I'd like to see recipes especially with guest chefs like Paula Deen and Rachel Ray.

erma 8:48 AM  

I'd love to see all the recipes. I love recipes.

Randominities 12:59 PM  

I think the kraft shows on you tube are a good idea.

I am disappointed that the Kraft magazine will now be for money. I will not be able to get it anymore, money is very tight in our household. It did give me a lot of great ideas cooking with Kraft products.

cloud10277 3:23 PM  

I love the recpies that come the kraft magazine mailer. I don't like that we will have to pay for it now!

tawndam 3:47 PM  

I love recipe sites (I need all the help I can get... lol) but I don't facebook, twitter etc., so I'll keep Kraft in mind when I 'give-in' ;-)

Claire 3:57 PM  

I'd like to see lots of healthy recipes.

thefatesarevicious at yahoo dot com

WWillows6 4:06 PM  

I would enjoy a Kraft Facebook site with cheap and easy meal suggestions, full photo recipes, links to coupons and samples, and kids cooking recipes.
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

Anonymous,  4:31 PM  

I would love coupons, samples, and recipes.

denyse 4:31 PM  

Recipes. I look for new, easy and quick. Wth 3 kids and entertaining it's hard to be too complicated with anything.

dreamcleavers 6:16 PM
i'd like to see some recipies on healthy dishes and i'd like to see some simple ideas to help cook with the kids at holiday time

paula michele 6:28 PM  

I would like easy recipes, budget friendly recipes and kid friendly recipes. Coupon and samples would be nice. I have Facebook and Twitter so I would use either or both.


amy16323 6:39 PM  

i think putting something on youtube would be neat.

Molly K 7:03 PM  

I love looking at the recipes. I would also like recipes that you can cook once but get 2 meals-you just change one or two things and you have easy/kid friendly meals in seconds.

karen 7:09 PM  

I would most interested in finding out about new products and finding new recipes to try.


Erica C. 7:11 PM  

I would want to have information on upcoming new products and also products that are cooked fast for those quick last minute meals. Thanks!

winning714 7:34 PM  

I would love to see more E-coupons, info about new products, and low-carb recipes.

I love to see you on You Tube and Facebook because the information is there when I want to look for it. Twitter is often too fast and I miss lots of tweets.

Oneangel 8:24 PM  

I would love more recipes and e-coupons. We love Kraft and coupons :)

amyd 8:53 PM  

I would like to see holiday recipes


Melodic Mom 8:58 PM  

I definitely am interested in recipes the most. I used to get Kraft Magazine and I loved the recipes.

Karen 9:06 PM  

Love the recipes for low cost healthy meals :)

ktgonyea at

Jammie 9:17 PM  

I am interested in learning and seeing more with cooking with kids. My daughter loves helping me cook this would be great.

Pamela S 9:22 PM  

I'm not really big into facebook or twitter. What I would like to read more about would be easy, family friendly recipes made with packaged helpers such as kraft makes. Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

sherri419 9:31 PM  

Easy and quick recipes that are nutritionally sound would be nice to see. We are all so rushed for time in today's world so it is hard to make a huge meal each night. Thanks!

sherri419 at gmail dot com

theolotto 10:06 PM  

I love all the great recipes. More coupons would be nice.

Marsha 10:25 PM  

I like getting dinner ideas. And I agree that coupons would be really nice!

mail4rosey 11:29 PM  

Holiday tips for things such as food (recipes and display), entertaining, and decorating ideas/tips are what I am most interested in. Oh, and free samples for new items, or coupons so we can try them out.

Thank you.

J.M. 11:46 PM  

I am interested in more holiday recipes and new cute decorating ideas

Derk Thomas 11:57 PM  

I'm still reading the print versions, and did not know they were in those place. Healthy, budget recipes would be what I am interested in.

kakihara 12:04 AM  

I used to love their magazine--they used to have coupons in it--now not so much but it still has great recipes with great pictures---the facebook should be more of the same. I also always love a recipe search engine where you can search by ingredients you have on hand.

AnneTracker 12:21 AM  

I'm interested in getting coupons and hearing about new products through their marketing channels!

liliesrnice 12:39 AM  

i'd be interested in having their recipes be able to be adjusted according to number of servings.

Avory 12:56 AM  

I'm most interested in vegetarian recipes!

chazvgo 1:10 AM  

More recipes, I need all the help I can get in the kitchen :)

Sonya 1:18 AM  

I love Kraft recipes, and I'd love to be able to see lots of photos and be able to adjust recipes for number of servings

Becca 1:40 AM  

I am the most interested in recipes and photos of what the foods should look like, thanks!!! sbcashortie (at) hotmail (dot) com

Tatum 2:43 AM  

I love it when there are recipes for children. What gets my attention the most is free coupons or giveaways. thanks great giveaway..

ShesAnAngel 3:10 AM  

I would enjoy some easy and amazing recipes, some great giveaways, and some coupons. Oh, also some reviews of their recipes by real people :D

I joined their Facebook site and also their twitter, why not?

Bakersdozen 3:49 AM  

Since I have a huge family, I am interested in cooking for a crowd. But, I am a real foodie and love trying recipes and I am sure I would whatever Kraft has to share. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

Amanda G 4:15 AM  

I like recipes, easy recipes nothing too fancy. How about easy, less than say 6 ingredient comfort food recipes?

Thank you!

saddleoneup at att dot net

Steph 8:04 AM  

I'd love to see some holiday recipes and I always appreciate their free offers! Kraft is a great company and they treat their customers well!


Barbarawr 8:17 AM  

I really love Kraft's recipes. So I joined on facebook, but I really can't see the point of Twitter. It's almost like its creators named it that because only birdbrains would like it. I can't imagine wanting to communicate with the entire world!

carolpie 11:36 AM  

I now follow them on Twitter~drezdenrain.
I would like them to do recipes for low inflammation as they are starting to realize that this is what causes many diseases and I try to eat this way but I need recipes.
spencer1953 at gmail dot com.

Jayfr 11:47 AM  

I'd be most interested in hearing about line extensions to their products. Always good to look for something new and interesting.

Meet the Browns 12:19 PM  

I would like to see easy-to-make recipes where the whole family can help :)


susan1215 12:25 PM  

I don't use the social site but I like family friendly recepies.

Sahm Lee 12:45 PM  

I'd love to see cooking with kids! thanks for the contest!

Tammy 1:21 PM  

Love networking especially with food companies! I would like to see coupons (cuz I love saving money on my favorite products!) and recipes - especially side dishes (I have so many problems coming up with interesting sides) and desserts.

Gianna 1:44 PM  

Recipes with how to step by step recipes :)

Helen S 2:13 PM  

I am interested in coupons and recipes. I love Kraft recipes.

giggling kids 3:03 PM  

I would really like to see more Holiday recipes that kids can make(with the help of an adult, but something not to hard to make.

Miranda Ward 3:42 PM  

I Love the recipes!!

Anonymous,  4:00 PM  

I am really interested in gluten-free recipes. Thanks for this offer.

kathy pease 4:10 PM  

i love learning and try new holiday recipes so im interested in that.

arla 4:38 PM  

I am most interested in anything Gluten-free wether it's recipes or information or stories of some kind or anything, thanks.


dispatcher_kristy 5:29 PM  

I am very interested in hearing about fun holiday recipes that are easy to make

Anonymous,  6:01 PM  

The kraft website is one of my favorite places to visit for coupons and for recipes. I also enjoy the promotions there. I am not a tweeter and like to have my updates once to twice a month.

techyone 6:11 PM  

I love the recipes best.

Anonymous,  7:05 PM  

i love the desserts yumm.... would like to see more coupons and money saving tips. going to join on facebook

tiacarter 7:22 PM  

recipies are always a winner for me

Jinxy and Me 7:36 PM  

I am always interested in new recipes.

Kristin 7:57 PM  

I would be interested in hearing about new products, coupons, and recipes (simple ones, please!!). I think Facebook would be best. I don't really like Youtube, and Twitter is not really the best format for me, for this type of content.

Mia J. 8:00 PM  

I would be interested in recipes and also ideas and recipes for cooking with kids.

pms3237 8:47 PM  

I love the recipes from Kraft.

js22 9:04 PM  

ooh, we love recipes, especially when it comes to holiday time! It's so convenient to have all of them at one site instead of searching the web!

Thanks for the giveaway!
email in blogger profile.

Erica G 9:41 PM  

I like the recipes.

egreca (at) hotmail {dot} com

scottsgal 10:17 PM  

I'd be interested in easy and quick meals for busy families

msboatgal at

Tracysweetangl 10:26 PM  



Anonymous,  10:34 PM  

I love the craft magazine and the coupons...amazing

Smart Cents Mom 10:41 PM  

My son is allergic to gluteen. So any gluten-free recipes or information on Kraft gluten-free foods would be great for me! Thanks!

Cheryl Free 11:04 PM  

I'm most interested in hearing about coupons, new products, and promotions :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

barblong 11:24 PM  

I am most interested in recipes and coupons.

Elaine 3:36 AM  

Being a diabetic, I usually have to avoid a lot of the holiday treats this time a year. After doing some Internet research I found a nutritionist by the name of Rose Cole who has great SUGAR-FREE Recipes that are soooooo delicious. Now I can prep my own goodies and bring them along to dinner parties and know that I can dig in with everyone else! Her site is

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