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>> Monday, November 16, 2009

Two weekends ago and this past weekend, I got to see three people from one of my favorite shows - Ace of Cakes. Duff and Mary Alice came to Pittsburgh for GoodTaste! Pittsburgh. I never realized how popular he was to girls under 13. I sat on the hard, cement floor for two hours, but I was right up against the stage at an angle. All they did was Q&A. Then in order to actually meet them, you had to buy their book bc it was book signings only. Boo! I didn't have $35 to spare.

Then this past weekend, Geoff was at a grocery store bc it opened the week before and were celebrating all month. He was a little more interesting bc he actually decorated a cake. Unfortunately, he too was doing book signings only. Guess they had to cut down the crowd some way!

Then yesterday, I found the book and could've gotten it for $10. Figures! I didn't buy it bc I would read it once and then probably never again unless I'm bored or can't sleep. I wish the local library had it though.


Future Grown-Up 6:22 PM  

I love watching Ace of Cakes too...sorry you didn't get to meet them though (sad face while typing this).

Megan 8:58 AM  

Maybe you should have yelled up at duff and said "can I get a picture with you for my food blog?" Wonder if he would have. $35.oo is a little steep for the book. It must be a wonderful book.
How have you been Carla. Miss chatting with ya!

Steph 7:56 PM  

I hate it when they do that because it feels like you're being forced to buy the book. I wish I could decorate like them though!

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