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>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I have a confession - I hate honey. I've been in denial for quite some time. How can I hate something that looks and sounds so sweet, yet the smell and taste just make me unsatisfied? I've tried so hard. I bought honey to make honey sesame chicken. The taste just wasn't there for me. I've ordered a honey latte from Starbucks once because the picture of the honey just made it irresistible. I took one sip and wanted to know what I was thinking. Then one morning, I was craving it, so I put honey in my coffee. However, I love, love, love baklava. WTF honey? I also enjoy Honey Nut Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats, but err do those really count? It makes me wonder since there are so many types of honey, maybe I just don't like whatever I have? The bottle says Clover Grade A Golden Honey.

Anyway, that bottle of honey I bought sat in my cupboard for awhile, probably six months I'm guessing. It solidified and insteading of throwing it away, I decided to warm it up in the microwave and stir like crazy. It somewhat worked. However, the smell made me want to gag a little.

As for Dorie's recipe, I have been waiting to make this ice cream ever since I saw the picture. I was going to, but then winter soon rolled around and said ok maybe in the spring. It was actually going to be my pick when it was my turn for TwD (only a few more months!), but somebody beat me to it. Oh well. The original recipe called for peaches, but since I had mangoes in the fridge, I used those instead.

I can't really say if the mangoes worked because the honey really put me off. I couldn't really eat more that a bite. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it, so IDK.

Thanks Tommi of Brown Interior for picking this recipe! You can find the recipe on page 437 of Baking: From My Home To Yours or on Tommi's blog.


Maria 3:45 PM  

Mango ice cream sounds good to me!

Clivia 4:08 PM  

It's hard when you have a strong reaction to something like this. I glad you made it and tried it out and your family liked it, which is pretty important. Well done!

Katrina 4:44 PM  

Honey is one of those things that are like onions to me, you either love them or hate them. (I HATE onions, but I know many, many people love them.) I love honey, but don't care for peaches in my ice cream. Mangoes sound good. Sorry you didn't like it. Just make a fruity ice cream without the honey next time. Yours looks great if that's any consolations! ;)

theeclecticconnoisseur 4:48 PM  

Ooh, next time I'll have to make this with mangoes like you did. Sounds terrific! You may want to give local honey a try. I find it to be much better than storebought. Great pics by the way.

Nancy/n.o.e 5:42 PM  

It sounds like you gave honey the good ole college try - and now you can give up and move on to a flavor you like! Golden syrup would be a good sub - I think Di did that. Maybe it's a blessing it got picked early - you wouldn't want to hate your own choice, right?

rainbowbrown 6:56 PM  

Mango - that's a nice idea!

Steph 8:41 PM  

Honey tastes kind of fishy to me sometimes, but other types taste more caramely than others. I like the mangoes though!

Adam 8:34 PM  

I'm going to have to disagree with you on the honey thing. I think it's amazing, and totally owns syrup or anything else sweet. But hey, to each their own :)

How many more recipes are there to go in Dorie's book. You guys have to be pretty close to done right? Unless you are doing variations and playing arounds.

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog 3:53 PM  

Not everybody loves honey. In my case depends a lot of the type of flowers it comes from.
Anyway, this ice cream with mango and honey is supreme, really!



Patsyk 9:10 PM  

There are some ingredients that just put some people off... I enjoy honey drizzled on Greek yogurt. It sounds like honey is just not your thing in spite of your efforts to keep trying it.

Xocai 4:10 AM  

quite an interesting site....

sokhavy 3:39 PM  

Do you have the recipe because when I click on Tommi's blog, there was an error.

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