Picking Precious Strawberries

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Before I share my tart, I would like to ask my readers if they could please vote for me to win coffee beans. I didn't realize the giveaway was a popularity contest *grumblegrumble* I deserve to win because I freshly grind coffee beans and use my espresso machine every morning. I spent $199 on my machine (which was on sale!) and $100 on my grinder (not on sale). Because fresh beans are important, I make sure to buy freshly roasted beans online, roughly $10 for an order. I need a break in my budget because I'm a recent graduate who lives near a city with a not-so-hot video market. I can babble on about beans or different coffee drinks.


It's finally here - strawberry season! I discovered last year there is a farm about 45 minutes away where I can pick my own strawberries. It seems like the last few things I have made are strawberry-related: strawberry tart, strawberry ice cream, strawberry curd, strawberry jam, strawberry parfaits. Not to mention sneaking a snack here and there.

Although I have recipes to post for all those foods I listed, today I'm bringing you the tart. Now, most strawberry tart recipes were the same - tart crust, pastry cream, strawberries. Then I found a recipe that didn't use a ton of egg yolks or milk. I did have to do a quick run to the store for cream cheese.

The original recipe called for chocolate drizzle on top but also suggested dipping each strawberry tip into chocolate. I probably would have dipped the strawberries, half the tart in white with the other half being dark, but I wanted to cut back on the sugar a little. Besides, it was fine without it.

Strawberries and Cream Tart

1 9-inch pie crust
1 cup heavy whipping cream
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 tsp almond extract
4 cups strawberries, washed and hulled
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1 Tbsp shortening

1. Bake pie crust fully according to your crust directions (whether on package or in recipe). Let cool before filling.

2. Beat whipping cream until stiff peaks form. Beat cream cheese until fluffy (try to get excess cream off beaters but don't worry about them being clean). Add sugar and extract. Beat well. Fold in cream. Spoon into cooled pie crust.

3. If you want to dip strawberries, melt together chocolate and shortening. Dip each strawberry tip. Arrange strawberries pointed side up over filling. Chill until set. If you want to add a chocolate drizzle, chill the tart for 30 min. Melt chocolate and shortening then drizzle onto tart. Chill again until chocolate has hardened. Store in the fridge.

Makes 10-12 servings

Source: Pillsbury's Four Seasons of Pie Baking, 1988 p. 31


Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog 8:24 PM  

One of my favorite treat looks so good!! Voted mine is the number 5!

Just sent to twitter :)



Anj 9:05 PM  

How could I not vote for someone so serious about their java? Good luck and that's a seriously beautiful tart.

Patsyk 9:35 PM  

What a pretty tart! I love your idea of dipping half the berries in white chocolate and the other half in dark chocolate... that would look even more stunning!

Katrina 11:20 PM  

What a delicious looking tart!

Adam 8:20 AM  

Nice tart, I like the cream cheese in there. I mean how natural is strawberry and cream cheese together, right?

And... and I voted :)

Steph 9:44 AM  

That's like a strawberry cheesecake! It looks delicious.

Hilary 6:52 PM  

I love strawberry desserts! I will have to save this recipe for a few more weeks until I can get some good strawberries here. My strawberries haven't even started blooming yet and the ones in the stores don't looks so good yet.

Alwayzbakin 7:06 PM  

I voted! Your strawberry tart looks great!!! Yummy!

Alwayzbakin 5:47 AM  

Hi Carla!! I nominated you for an award on my Paula blog. www.mygirlpaula.blogspot.com ;)

Ida 8:44 AM  

I voted, and going to vote on the bf's computer (for him, ofcourse) later. XD

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