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>> Thursday, February 19, 2009

Because the frosting on Dorie's cake used four egg whites, that means I had four egg yolks leftover. Egg yolks are generally used in custards and puddings. My original plan was to make Boston Cream Sponge Cakes with my heart pans, but I wanted to use my heart cupcake liners. I've been wanting to buy a cupcake decorating kit, so I gave in and went to Joann Fabrics. Every week, their flyer offers a 40% off coupon on anything regular price, so I got Wilton's 12-piece set for about $5. Apparently it makes a nice pillow too.

I was nervous because I never used a piping kit before and knew I would mess it up somehow. I just don't have decorating skills. But no worries! I think this kit is fool-proof because even I made beautiful cupcakes.

I cut the batter in half and got five cupcakes. I was hoping for six, but I didn't want to make five semi-nice ones and one really flat one. To insert the custard, I cut a hole out of each one and spooned it in. The batter is really sticky though, so it was hard to cut. I might use a regular yellow cake recipe next time. I sprinkled the leftover crumbs on top. Instead of the icing the recipe called for, I used a chocolate buttercream. Using my wonderful math skills, I made enough without any leftover. Actually, I wish it would have made slightly more because I was having trouble piping towards the end.

Boston Cream Cupcakes

For the recipe, use this one. Depending on how many cupcakes you want, you may need to cut it in half. You can also use your favorite yellow cake recipe.

For five cupcakes' worth of frosting, use these proportions:

3/4 cup sugar
2 Tbsp cocoa
1 Tbsp butter
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp milk

Beat sugar, cocoa, butter, and vanilla until smooth. Add milk. If it's too thick, add another Tbsp of milk.


Steph 12:17 PM  

What a deal! I love piping minus all the mess though.. the tips can be a pain to wash. I like how you continued with the crumb theme from Dorie. You know what I do with extra yolks? I make chocolate chip cookies and freeze the dough because there can never bee too much cookie dough!

Reeni 2:45 PM  

You did a great job on the piping!! I love the cross-section, yum!!!! Have you ever thought of joining Iron Cupcake?

Reeni 2:46 PM  

I forgot about kitty- so cute!!

Meg 8:11 PM  

YUM! Look at that creamy filling!

Megan 9:21 PM  

Your gonna have fun with that piping bag and tips!!! Love the cupcakes with that creamy filling.

Stephanie Bourassa 5:14 PM  

Boston cream is too intense for me. But wow! look at these cupcakes!
I think it was worth it you investing a big 5 bucks in a decorating kit. I knew it was giving you trouble before, but I guess you were just missing the right tools :)

Erin 5:42 PM  

These look so good! I love how they're filled.

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