Liars Do Not Win

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Did you know Michael Symon took over as host for Dinner: Impossible because Robert Irvine "exaggerated" about his credentials? Wow, and I loved Robert too.

Read the article here.


Joanna 2:57 PM  

i can't believe that's why. i heard that he had a dui. either way, i'm gonna miss his huge arms haha

Adam 7:55 AM  

I thought the whole thing was pretty lame. The show is not the same with Symon... AT ALL. Roberts shows always had a feel good ending, like a moral of a story. I'll miss the dude.

Steph 12:00 PM  

I was never really into that show, but you just reminded me how much I miss the food network.

Reeni 9:54 PM  

He was a great chef, he made some really tasty food. Symon is ok, he's very different from Chef Irvine. I like him a lot, but it is a whole different show now.

Steph 9:47 PM  

Carla, I have an award for you. About the foodbuzz thing, thanks for the suggestion, I never thought about it before. Funny, since it seems like everyone has a foodbuzz banner!

Sara 8:45 PM  

i don't like the new guy, he's so whiny!

Shelly Borrell 1:08 AM  

I was wondering what happened. Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to the next Top Chef which is starting soon.

Shelly B.,
Nibbles of Tidbits

Lauren 4:05 PM  

I did know about that. I actually like Symon better. I think his food is more sophisticated, although he doesn't seem to take on huge-scale events like Irvine did. But Irvine is a big liar.

Maria 10:54 AM  

I heard that...sad!

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