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>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This week's recipe was cleverly chosen by Clara of I Heart Food 4 Thought. She suggested we could decorate these cupcakes for Halloween, so I did.

However, these weren't made without...complications. Roommate E decided she was going to take the electric hand mixer to her boyfriend's place to make sugar cookies. I didn't realize this until after measuring the dry ingredients, so I couldn't just pack up and wait another day. Fortunately, and I have no clue why, we had a hand-crank mixer. Thank you, Roommate B1! It is hard to use while creaming the butter, mainly because the bowl wouldn't stay still. Roommate B2 wanted to help, but we both agreed she wasn't allowed in the kitchen until her test results for mono came back (they came back yesterday, and she does not have mono. Good because I caught whatever she had, fortunately the day after baking).

Then when I went to prepare the buttermilk, I discovered my lemon went bad. I only have red wine vinegar, so I decided to use regular milk. A lot of TwDers complained their cupcakes were rather dry. Mine were very moist. I even baked them at the max amount of time.

As for the ganache on top, it was good. Visually, I didn't like the chocolate-on-chocolate because I like color contrast. The orange sprinkles did help a bit. Tastewise, my roommates ate about half, and I gave the rest to whoever was in the computer lab when I was working. My friend demanded I make him just one of these cupcakes for his birthday in two weeks. I'll probably just cut the recipe in half and make him six. I'm sure he can give the other five away no problem.

Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcakes

You can check out the recipe in Baking: From My Home To Yours on pages 215-217 or on Clara's blog. Thanks for picking this week's recipe!


chocolatechic 9:18 AM  

You decorated them so cute.

I love it.

The Cookbook Junkie 9:41 AM  

I've made these cupcakes. I really liked this recipe. It had great chocolate flavor. They had an interesting texture that wasn't quite dry but I could see why some people might call them dry.

Teanna 11:01 AM  

What resourceful roommates! I love the hand crank mixer! And the cupcakes look great!

Nancy/n.o.e 11:04 AM  

You did it old school! They look great with their little decorations. Not a bad plan to give the bf 6 x what he asked for!

CB 11:54 AM  

Wow. Hand crank mixer? I don't think I've ever seen one. Love your Halloween inspired cupcake decor. Great job! Thanks for baking with me this week!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

Patsyk 12:20 PM  

talk about determination to make these cupcakes! I'm impressed! I love how you decorated them for Halloween, so cute!

Engineer Baker 1:52 PM  

Sprinkles make everything better :) Love the hand crank mixer - too funny.

Lindsey Johnson 1:55 PM  

Great job! Those cupcake toppers are cute!

Adam 2:19 PM  

Wait a minute, Carla the chocolate queen doesn't like chocolate on chocolate? Ha oh the color contrast... of course :)

Nice looking cakes my dear college buddy. Put a cool skull on mine and I'm all set :)

kimberly salem 2:22 PM  

hehe, old school with the hand crank! awesome :) great job and very cute decorations!

Rebecca 4:15 PM  

Roommates! Those cupcakes are really cute.

Maria 4:32 PM  

I love the decorations. They are perfect for Halloween!

Christine 4:34 PM  

Your decorations are so cute!

Reeni 5:53 PM  

They look great! I wish I was in your computer lab! Yum, Yum!

Jules Someone 6:03 PM  

Hmmmmm, maybe regular milk is the trick....

Steph 7:04 PM  

Carla, they look so cute!! I didn't even realize that the rugalagha (can't spell) is next week. I don't think I'll have time for that!

I've just started bringing stuff to school to share with people (last week cookies and today, cupcakes, but not this recipe).

Do you find that it feels weird sometimes to offer cupcakes or cookies to classmates? I always get all self conscious and stuff and then sometimes I get people doing the whole.. it's ok (like it's going to kill them or something). I don't really care, but seriously.. I spent time and effort! The best part is when they totally change their mind and tell you how amazing it is.

Btw, do people ever ask you if you make stuff from mixes? I find that I get the funniest reaction when people say... 'it's from scratch?!?.. yes... so it's made from flour and eggs and sugar?' hahah..

Steph 10:44 PM  

I actually have a difficult time baking for family members too.. although they can be so critical! I have to admit that I've gotten a little more confident now with all the complements I've been getting lately, but who knows, maybe people are just being polite.

Doesn't it also seem like there aren't that many people who bake, but at the same time it feels like everyone is baking? Hmm.. not sure if that makes sense, but maybe because we're so exposed to all the amazing food blogs out there. I find that I get such different reactions from people when they find out I bake too. It feels like I'm revealing some secret or something where people have never heard of baking before.. hahah

How can someone be disgusted with butternut squash? Its the most amazing vegetable ever. If I wanted to, I could probably eat the whole thing. Now 'normal college food' on the other hand.. that is disgusting! hahah. I guess it's good sometimes when you have teh occasional craving for overly spiced greasy food, but if I were to eat that everyday, I probably would go crazy.

Btw, thanks for tagging me!

Nancy/n.o.e 12:00 AM  

Hey, Carla, on her blog Dorie tells how she makes the rugelach and freezes them uncooked. She finishes by popping them in the oven at the last minute.
I often bake my TWD recipes weeks in advance and freeze (cooked or uncooked). Just a thought!

CookiePie 2:05 PM  

Your cupcakes are adorable! Interesting about the milk/buttermilk...

Prudence 7:12 PM  

Great job!! I found you on the Foodie Blogroll today and I am glad I did! Love your cupcakes. I am glad mine were moist too. Some TWDers had problems! They were great right out of the oven....

Erin 8:58 PM  

These look so cute! I love how you decorated them!

Jen 9:43 AM  

Adorable! I love the spooky toppers :-)

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