My New Toy!

>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ok so it's not really a toy because it's ceramic, but I've been eyeing this baby since the end of last semester at the bookstore.

I was at the bookstore today, and it was the last one. I decided to break down and spend the $10. However, I noticed a slight chip on the base, so I figured might as well ask for a discount. I know when I worked at the mall in a clothing store, we would give 10% off for damages with no return or exchange. When I asked, she said they didn't sell damaged merchandise. I was like, no I'll still buy it because I thought she meant she couldn't sell it to me at all.

Really she just meant she couldn't sell it and gave it to me as a gift. !!! I asked her probably about three times are you sure? and thanked her another twenty times. So here's my new toy! I have yet to decide what to put in it. And I am still cursing the person who designed our apartment. The lighting is absolutely horrible. Who puts the main light on the side wall instead of the ceiling anyway? I brought my lamp over and did the best I could, hence the horrible shadow.


CB 12:46 AM  

So adorable! I can't believe you got it for free. How awesome is that? I don't even see the chip in the pictures. I am jealous!

Megan 8:04 AM  

Very cute dish! And you cant beat the price! ;)

Anj 8:18 AM  

Well, I just love hearts, so I am loving this. How pretty -- and free -- you just can't beat that!

Adam 8:30 AM  

Isn't it funny how free anything is just amazing? I don't even care what it is, if it's free it's cool with me :)

Eh what to put in it? Candles? Flowers? Girl Stuff?

Stephanie Bourassa 11:01 AM  

That goes to say that you should take chances hehe!
For the lighting, use a table lamp, try to put it on one side of the object, and use a white carboard or sheet or something that reflects the light, thus reducing the shadows. Play around with it you'll get something great. Also, right beside a window makes a nice soft light, the white cardboard still works for that. GL!

Reeni 1:05 PM  

A secret chocolate stash for when that craving hits! Or cookies! It is so cute, lucky duckie!!

Katrina 2:06 PM  

Too cool and cute! Congrats, especially that it was FREE! I'll have to remember that trick.

Lauren 6:41 PM  

looove it!! by the way, I built a light box. You should make one, it was easy- it is how my photos have been getting better:

Julie 11:27 PM  

That's SO cute! Anytime I try to get someone to lower their price if something is damaged or missing, they look at me like I have lobsters crawling out my ears! Good job.

Steph 10:31 PM  

That so pretty. If there's anything I love, it's a good deal. That's why we go down to Grove City for boxing day every year..haha. There's nothing better than buying something you want or getting it for free!

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