Wanted: Garlic Entries!

>> Monday, September 08, 2008

Just a reminder that I'm this month's host for Weekend Cookbook Challenge.

The theme I chose involves my favorite ingredient - garlic! I'm not talking about a pasta dish that happens to have two cloves of garlic. No, I'm talking about garlic being the main star, whether it's in the sauce, stuffing, whatever. And some of you may even be daring enough to make a garlic dessert.

How do you know if garlic is the main star? Chances are garlic will be in the title of the dish. Or make the dish and ask someone to smell your breath. If you are unsure, just ask. :)

So go to your cookbook collection, pick out a book, and start making those garlic dishes! If you can't use a cookbook for whatever reason, or you are struggling with finding a recipe, you may use a recipe from the internet.

Send your entries to mooseymoosecc[at]hotmail[dot]com with the following:

-Your Name
-Your Blog's Name
-Entry Link
-Picture (250x188 preferred. If you can't resize the picture, I have no problem resizing it for you)

I'll reply to each entry, so if you don't get an email after a week or two, please send it again or leave a comment on my blog.

Deadline is Tuesday, September 30.


Kristen 10:46 AM  

I love garlic. Mmmmm! This is a great challenge

Reeni 4:55 PM  

I have a whole sleeve of garlic in my fridge, I will have to rustle up some ideas!

Steph 7:24 PM  

I wish I could come up with some ideas, but I can't cook.. anything!

Adam 10:18 PM  

Cool, I'll see what I can muster up:) Yup, muster is a word.

TruelyJB4211 11:23 AM  

garlic?!? Once you get some recipes, you MUST wait til you come over here (or I come there) to make it!!!! ..But if you come here, you'll NEVER see mommy run outta this house so fast! ;-P ..4 DAYSSSSSSS!!!!! 8-)

Megan 10:52 AM  

hows the garlic entrys coming? I started mine last night and the whole house has the strong oder of garlic. So much so, that is made it hard to sleep. O my!!! :)

Lauren 5:32 PM  

funny you are hosting this . . . I had my recipe all picked out even before I became your adoptee . . . its tonight's dinner!

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