Tuesdays With Dorie - Chocolate Chunkers

>> Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If you are a chocoholic, this is the cookie for you. Expensive? Yes, because you'll want to use the best chocolate available. I still have some left, but that's because they were hidden in the freezer. I strongly suggest adding the raisins because they complement the chocolate really well since there is so much of it. I also used walnuts for the nuts. I was pretty happy that these cookies didn't spread, although I highly recommend letting them cool on the trays for about 10 minutes before removing to the cooling rack. Otherwise, they will break.

Word of advice from other TwDers - do not refrigerate the cookie dough because it will be too hard to scoop. If you must chill them, scoop them into cookies first. Also, the baked cookies are very fragile. I took some in my purse Saturday night when I went to see Jeff Dunham, and somehow they got broken into tiny chunks.

Chocolate Chunkers

Thanks Claudia from Fool for Food for picking these cookies! You can find the recipe on p. 70 of Baking: From My Home To Yours or online at Claudia's blog.


Engineer Baker 9:38 AM  

I think I should start hiding cookies in my purse as snacks... I agree with the note on the raisins though - definitely gave that tart-sweet combo a bit of a boost.

Lori 11:37 AM  

I guess sticking one in your pocket is out of the question. :)

Nancy/n.o.e 11:55 AM  

For such delicate little things they sure pack an assertive chocolate flavor! Yours look really good. I'll bet they would be great even when pulverized.

SiHaN 1:14 PM  

i ran out of raisins.. a pity though. But i'm so glad you enjoyed these!

Adam 2:47 PM  

Not the biggest chocolate fan, but man do those cookies look great. Hidden chocolate in the freezer, huh? What else is in there :)

I just saw Jeff Dunham on TV for the first time the other night. I loved it. It was like Lamb Chop for grown ups.

Oh, and don't worry, I actually really like the Steelers. They have real die hard fans, and I respect that. We can def be friends, until the playoffs, that is :)

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter 3:15 PM  

wow..nice chocolate chunkers..the photo is great, too !

Pamela 6:53 PM  

Your chunkers fell into chunks?? How funny. At least they were easy (and delicious) to eat!! Nice job.

Lauren 7:56 PM  

yours look beautiful! Mine crumbled easily too, but I guess that's because there was so little dough to hold the bits together. But they were tasty . . .

Reeni 8:24 PM  

A chocoholic dream cookie, I bet they were still delicious even in pieces!

Steph 9:14 PM  

I'll admit that I just used regular chocolate chips, but they were still really good! I like how uniformly chunky your cookies look. These were really hard cookies to photograph.. I took a million pictures before I got a decent shot.

Prudy 9:51 PM  

Ooh, those do look heavenly. Next time I'll add the raisins too.

Bungalow Barbara 2:16 AM  

Lovely pictures! I bet they made delicious crumbs!

dorie,  9:01 AM  

The chunkers look so, so good. Great job.

The DeL Family 10:52 AM  

We loved these! Oh so chocolatety!

. . .,  12:03 AM  

oh yay! i was just going through my copy of this cookbook and was hoping to find a new cookie inspiration. yours look amazing! thanks for posting them =)

. . .,  11:53 PM  

hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. =)
just wanted to let you know that your inspiration got me to finally make another dorie recipe myself. i tried her 'peanuttiest blondies' and they were delicious!

i'm working at a mutual fund company now, editing prospectuses. it's an interesting time to be in that field, but i'm definitely learning a LOT (and working many, many hours).

take care! talk to you soon in blog land.

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