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>> Monday, September 15, 2008

I almost missed this round of Adopt A Blogger Event, hosted by the lovely Kristen of Dine and Dish. Actually, I did miss the sign-ups, and when I left a comment about missing it, Kristen informed me she had a surplus of newbies who needed a veteran blogger. Score!

I'm proud to introduce my adopted blogger - Lauren of I'll Eat You. Welcome to the foodie world! Lauren has been around since May 22, 2008. This is going to be one interesting relationship because she is from Philadelphia, and I am from Pittsburgh. We may be from the same state, but we are from two different worlds (go Steelers!). Oh the tension there will be when the Steelers play the Eagles haha

Rivals or not, we agree on food. She is a fellow Tuesdays With Dorie baker and does restaurant reviews. That will definitely come in handy if I ever make it to the city of brotherly love.

So please take a few minutes and visit Lauren's blog. If any veteran bloggers (been around 1 year or more) want to adopt a blog, Kristen needs a few more people.

EDIT - This just in! Lauren is not a fan of the Eagles. I love her already haha


Lauren 5:20 PM  

Thank you so much for adopting me Carla! I do live in Philly, but I grew up in San Francisco, so my loyalty is a bit less hard core then others you may meet. And when it comes to football, it's 49ers all the way. (let's be honest, a Philadelphia team just can't win anything. I know they want to. But they can't. Also don't let my husband see that.)

Kristen 8:25 PM  

I can't wait to see how you two get along :) Thanks for jumping in and doing this. I appreciate it :)

Lauren 8:43 PM  

i do try to comment on new blogs every day and i participate in a bunch of events. I guess the two things I am having trouble with is a) getting my pictures to look good without buying an expensive photo light. is my house just poorly lit? (ignore the Aqua review, those are the WORST) I feel if I can get on tastespotting I can increase readership. Also, how to get people to come back over and over, ie develop a following, have people regularly comment, etc. thanks!

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