No Cake Mix Here!

>> Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This blog is officially Baked From Scratch. What does that mean? I don't use boxed or packaged mixes. Now, I believe I have posted a few recipes that were made with Bisquick because I wanted to use it up, and I used cookie mix once because it was sent for free to test out the winner for a contest. Other than that, when I say homemade, I truely mean homemade. In fact, besides the extra minute or two to measure ingredients, a homemade cake takes almost the same amount of time and effort as boxed cake. The difference is you know exactly what goes in the cake.

If you are also a Baked From Scratch blog, please join to let the world know there are bakers who don't cheat.


Steph 3:35 PM  

I bake from scratch too! The only time I use mixes is for the wilton cakes that I need to bring in because it's not like I'm going to eat the wilton 'buttercream'... shorteningcream.

Reeni 10:03 AM  

Baked from scratch is the best. I agree that you know exactly what's in there without the added preservatives and chemicals.

Tom Aarons 10:39 AM  

Big props! Homemade tastes better, is healthier, and as you say, you know what's in it. You rock!

Clumbsy Cookie 7:19 AM  

Good for you! I'm also a baked from scratch girl and never use mixes! I bever did actually, since in my country we didn't have them, so everybody just baked from scratch...

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