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>> Sunday, September 14, 2008

After I came home from grocery shopping today, I started thinking. Most college kids complain they don't have time or the capability to cook a nice meal. True, we are constantly running around doing homework, going to class, doing extra activities, working a job or two, etc. But what's the difference between a working college kid and a working parent? Working parents also run around doing work, raising families, doing extra activities, etc. So why can't the rules of menu planning and budgeting apply to a college kid's life?

So while I was putting the groceries away, I decided to share some tips periodically about how I manage to find time and money to cook. Even though these tips apply to me being in college, they can apply to anyone who leads a busy life and has to maintain a budget.

Moosey's Tip #1: When buying meats, buy the value packs. They are usually cheaper by the pound than buying smaller portions. Since they are pretty much thawed when you get home, take the time to cut the meat into enough portions for one meal. You can even take it one step further and cut the meat into strips or chunks. Wrap each portion in plastic wrap and place into a freezer bag. That way, when you are ready to cook, all you do is grab one portion and let it thaw. You don't have to worry about letting the entire meat thaw, cut what you need, and place the rest back in the freezer.


Kristen 8:55 PM  

Such a great tip! It is find time to do things in various stages of life... I think you just have to decide what your priority is and stick to it :)

Steph 9:35 PM  

That's a great tip! My mom does the the same thing and that way you only thaw out what you actually need without cooking the whole piece of meat.

Studying abroad is so cool!

Reeni 9:35 PM  

That's a great comparison! And taking the extra time to do that will make it so convenient later on.

Adam 9:47 PM  

Awesome tip Carla. If I may add something else:

-Buy it only when it's on sale (duh, right)
-Do most of your cooking on a weekend so you can just 'grab and go' when it's the busy school week

Megan 10:11 PM  

I always buy the 5 lb ground round package at the meat market and break it into 1 lb packs to freeze. It's cheaper then buying a lb of hamburger and stocks the freezer. Great tip!

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