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>> Sunday, February 13, 2011

McCormick has done it again! Last year, they asked me to be a part of their Red Letter Day. This year, they asked if I wanted to be a part of their "So Many Delicious Ways To Say I Heart You" Day. Of course I said yes because I had fun doing it last year. Too bad Murray isn't around to sit in the box.

Although he was around for the Super Bowl

After a long day of work, I came home to find this lovely red box on the back porch. I'm just glad FedEx found the house with my directions. If I don't tell them where, usually it ends up at the neighbor's. Last year they focused on crafts and baking. This year, their theme is I Heart You and made a Relationship Matrix where you pick a person and a relationship status, and that gives you a recipe to make.

Last year, I made red velvet cupcakes. This year I still wanted to make red velvet but in a different form. My two final picks were red velvet brownies or red velvet bonbons. Since the bonbons would take extra time to make, roll, chill, dip, etc. I opted for the brownies. Plus my relationship matrix chart says to give these to coworkers, and that's what I was planning on doing since that's a lot of brownies for one girl.

However, I was torn. Of course I wanted to use McCormick's brownie recipe, but I did see some red velvet cheesecake brownies pop up in the blog world. My idea was to put both recipes together - use McCormick's brownies for the base with Baking Bites cheesecake layer. I even used sprinkles on top.

They turned out to be cakey, which is understandable since it is based on red velvet cake. With that said, I thought they were a tad bit dry on their own BUT were perfect with a cup of coffee or tea.

Huge thank you goes out to McCormick for being an awesome company! They are so awesome, they want to give YOU, one lucky reader, your own I Heart You box!! The giveaway will remain open until Monday February 21 at midnight EST. You can earn up to five chances.

1. Leave one comment telling me your favorite romantic dessert.
2. Tweet this giveaway using @chocolatemoosey. Then leave a comment here with your twitter name.
3. Tell your friends on Facebook, then leave a comment, telling me you did so.
4. Post about this giveaway on your blog. Make sure you leave a comment with your link.
5. "Like" my Facebook fan page, then leave a comment with your name.

Remember, for each step you complete, you must leave a separate comment. If you have to post four times in a row, that is fine. Each comment will be one entry, so you would lose entries if you posted it all in one.

One last detail - you must be a resident of the United States.


Randi 3:43 PM  

Liked the facebook page! (Randi Moulton) :). By the way, red velvet is one of my favorites and those brownies look amaaaazing!

Randi 3:43 PM  

My favorite romantic dessert is definitely tiramisu because of its richness and because you simply don't get tiramisu every day!

susitravl 11:32 PM  

We love to share Chocolate Souffle at our favorite romantic restaurant. Wish I could make it at home!

susitravl 11:33 PM  

Like you on FB (SusanB)

susitravl 11:36 PM  

Follow you on Twitter and Tweeted (susitravl)

Kelly 10:49 AM  

My favorite romantic dessert would have to be a molten chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. Something about the gooey chocolate with the sweet fruit is just too good.

Kelly 10:51 AM  

I tweeted about this too : my username is bakesweettreats

Kelly 10:53 AM  

I also became a fan on facebook (Kelly McGinnis)

Hope I win so I can try making those brownies!

Lisa 2:53 AM  

My favorite romantic dessert is a chocolate trifle.

Lisa 2:54 AM  

I tweeted - ps152.

Cookie Madness 9:22 PM  

My favorite romantic dessert is tiramisu.

Brooke 4:22 PM  

Anything chocolate is romantic to me! Although my husband and I had ice cream for Valentine's dessert this year, so that works too!

Suze 8:12 PM  

I love the molten chocolate cakes, Jordan and I get them when we go to Chilis. Hehehe

Suze 8:18 PM  


Topher 9:45 PM  

My favorite is flourless chocolate cake. Thanks!

Chris M.

zekks at yahoo dot com

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