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>> Sunday, July 25, 2010

A lazy Sunday afternoon, complete with rain. I love rain (minus driving in it). If I'm not caught off-guard, I love walking in it. Figured I would take this time to update and attempt to get back into the foodie world. I moved alone - no family, no friends, no cat. Murray stayed behind because he is so used to having someone home constantly, I don't know if he could live alone for 40+ hrs each week. Poor guy would lose his voice. Will I get a cat? I want to within the next few months, but we'll see what happens.

This is a picture of the outside of my apartment. Yes, it's an apartment. The bottom half of the house is mine. The top half is my landlord. Her and her family technically live in Maryland, but this is her farm, so they come up about every week or so for a few days. My neighbors are cows. I have human neighbors down the road, but it's not like I walk out and there they are. Definitely quiet and private.

As you can imagine, there are nights I get quite lonely. This is where I'm relying on food to bring me through. I'm in farm country, so plenty of fresh veggies and fruits, especially Chambersburg peaches. Even coworkers are bringing in a plethera of zucchini from their gardens. My vegetable drawer is bursting with goodies.

I'm only an hour from wine country too. Apparently, Gettysburg area is perfect for wineries. I found one that offers wine making and wine appreciation classes, so maybe I'll pick up a new hobby. One of them has a store in Chambersburg, so I bought some cider and dry white wine yesterday. I'm planning on making risotto because I bought Arborio rice right before I found out I was hired.

I do have an amazing kitchen. Brand new appliances. Even my pantry is great. You open it up, and there are shelves on the doors. Then there's this "rounder" in the middle, and you pull one side towards you, and there are more shelves behind it. Definitely a lot of room for ingredients! Once my place looks more homey, I'll post better pictures.

Anybody here have experience making one person meals? Maybe even two person meals because I can freeze leftovers or just eat it for work. I think it'll be a great challenge for me to blog about.


Marie L. 2:59 PM  

Hi Carla
I just found your blog on food blogs. I am moving soon too. Although I will have my partner and two doggies with me. Regardless, I sympathize with you. I take it that your job brought you here? Anyway... how about stir frys? They are fantastic for one person. If you follow the recipe for pad thai for beginners on the blog chez pim you will feel like a pro and will want to stir fry everything! Also, I cook for two, but love casseroles. I have a bunch of small casserole dishes and when I make one, I follow the recipe and split it into several dishes and freeze a couple. They are fantastic for when you are to busy or tired to cook.

Anna 7:53 PM  

What a cute place! I'm especially glad to hear you have new appliances.

About cooking for one, do you get Every Day Food? They always have a pretty decent looking recipe for one. In fact, there's one dish I'm going to double and make this week. It's called Chicken with New Potatoes and Arugula. It looks better than it sounds.

Anonymous,  10:30 PM  

Jim-49 said
I wish you the best,I cooked for years,but after my wife passed away,those single meals have been sorta hard.I hate to waste food,and the heart to cook,the same for two nights,is sorta hard to,since I really don't like leftovers.I don't like fast food,or sandwiches,so once in a while,I go out,maybe twice a week.I can handle breakfast,pancakes,eggs,sauage,biscuits,waffles,etc.I stir fry some for dinner,sometimes,but really its hard to cook and eat alone,no matter when its cheaper.I had a very nice little puppy show up this week,he loves the food,I cook,but other wise,he never says anything.Best of luck!! Love the site.I started looking at the food blogs,years ago to improve my cooking,now its almost useless,except holidays,then the kids show up,then eat,then they are gone,until next hokiday.

Reeni 8:34 PM  

Your new place sounds great Carla! I think freezing up meals is a great idea for those times when you don't want to cook.

megan 9:11 AM  

What a great place Carla and now I know the kitty question. I think you should get a cat to keep you company. It would do you good! Good luck in the new job and the new house.

BTW- I forgot to tell you those black raspverry cupcakes looked awesome!

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