Win A Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

>> Friday, March 05, 2010

It's every baker's dream to own a genuine Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Sure, you can save money and buy a cheaper brand, but those are only good for basics like cookie dough or cakes. If you really want to crank out good stuff like bread or ice cream, you want to spend the money and go for Kitchen Aid. I still have yet to own one, simply because I don't have the $200+ to spare, and I'm sure many of you can relate.

Solution to this problem? Win a free stand mixer. All you have to do is check out Doughmesstic's blog for the giveaway. What's so special about this giveaway? She is giving away not one BUT TWO stand mixers!!! Ridiculous! All you have to do is comment and tell her Carla C. sent you. If your comment is picked, both you and I win. It's that simple! Just think of the hundreds of dollars you'd save by winning a FREE stand mixer!

Comment today and tell her Carla C. sent you!


Michelle 2:19 PM  

Ah, just what I've been saving to buy! I just entered us both in the contest, so good luck! (and thanks for the AMAZING recipes!)

Steph (@mediterraneanmiss) 2:23 PM  

I've entered us both in the giveaway too! Good luck to us both, and great blog <3

Megan 8:53 PM  

excuse me missy, But I want to win this mixer. Your making it harder here! ;)
Just kidding!(kind of)
If I dont win, I would want you to win over anyone else!!! Really! Im not just saying that.
Good luck Carla! :)

Ida 12:01 PM  


nyehehe.. :P

LiveChat85 5:15 AM  

Kitchen Aid is one of the best mixers in the industry today it is known to compete against Bosch mixers.

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