Caramel Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fact #1 - I bought a set of three springform pans with the intention of making regular-sized cheesecakes (compared to baby cheesecakes). Fact #2 - I need to buy a roasting pan big enough so I can make a waterbath. Without a waterbath, disaster strikes:

Look! The Grand Canyon!

My best friend's birthday was this past weekend. When I asked what kind of cake she wanted, she instantly said "cheesecake." After getting more details, she decided on a caramel chocolate chip cheesecake. I thought, ok just need to find a turtle cheesecake and instead of nuts, use chocolate chips. After much research, I wasn't satisfied with any recipe, so I went out on a limb and created my own. Really all I needed to do was fold in caramel sauce and chocolate chips.

So much better than last year's birthday disaster

I chose Dorie's recipe because I made it once before. Then at the end, I folded in caramel sauce and chocolate chips. Then after pouring into the pan, I plopped some more caramel on top and swirled it around. However, using my 9 inch pan meant no pan big enough for a waterbath. I can still bake without it, right? Wrong! I mean I could, and I did, but as you can see, it's not pretty. I lost my swirling (although the cracks did swirl nicely) and the cheesecake shrunk. Like, it was at least two inches above the pan (think souffle) and shrunk after cooling. But the important part was it tasted good.

Apparently we don't have a #2 candle


Bizjama 10:26 PM  

Wow, that thing is gorgeous. I usually make a pineapple upside down cake for my wife's birthday (next week), but after showing her that, I think I might be making something a little different this year. :-) Thanks!

TeaLady 11:11 PM  

it IS the taste that counts. My cheese cakes fall sometimes, but they always taste good.

Caramel and chocolate chips sound great.

MaryMoh 3:12 AM  

That looks rich and decadent...mmmm. I'm drooling over it now. I love cheesecake. Happy Birthday to your friend!

Megan 8:29 PM  

I think it's a wonderful looking Birthday cheesecake! Let's just say it's rustic. And the flavors sound so good!

Stephanie Bourassa 11:13 AM  

yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! This is like my favourite dessert ingredients all in one! Who cares it fell a little.. I'll eat it if they don't want it! ha ha!

*Fee* 10:32 AM  

I loveee to look at food blogs and food website when have down time at work (which I do right now). I am super excited to discover your blog. But it is also making me super hungry lol. Love it, though! And love how this dessert looks.


Amber 9:12 PM  

I am looking for a recipe for this cheesecake. I used to have one and lost it when I moved. Is there anyway I can get it?

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