Pom Wonderful Iced Coffee

>> Saturday, September 12, 2009

A few weeks ago, the lovely people at Pom Wonderful asked me to sample their brand of bottled iced coffee. I know what you're thinking - pomegranate and coffee? As they told me and I can confirm, it does not taste like pomegranate at all. All you taste is the coffee and whatever flavor is added (i.e. chocolate).

There are three flavors - chocolate, cafe au lait, and vanilla. I was only sent the chocolate and cafe au lait, but they did give me a coupon to try the vanilla. These bottles are nice to buy because if you are on the go in the morning or want something cold, you can grab one of these bottles and run. Not to mention they have the same benefits as pomegranate juice without the pomegranate taste.

If you love drinking coffee, even if you are a coffee snob like me, you will enjoy these. If you are not a big fan of flavored coffee, you still might enjoy the cafe au lait because as the translation says, it is coffee with milk.

Thank you Pom Wonderful for the samples!


Megan 9:52 PM  

These sound interesting and elicious. I'll have to try them when I see them!

Steph 7:14 PM  

Wow, that's such a cool product! I wish I could try this.

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