Stoneyfield's Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A big thank you to Kristina and the Stoneyfield crew for letting me sample their Oikos Organic Greek yogurt. Also a big apology for not posting my review sooner. I've received the coupons a month or two ago, but I'm lazy like that lol I must admit I had trouble finding the yogurt at first. Most stores had the yogurt next to the non-organic yogurt while some stores had the yogurt in the dedicated organic section by the produce.

The first one I tried was with honey. Now if you remember my ice cream post a few weeks ago, I don't like honey. After trying this yogurt, I have a theory that there are honeys I do like and honeys I don't like. My goal is to figure out which kind to buy. I ate this yogurt for breakfast after mixing in some sliced strawberries. Now, I did like the honey but I felt there was too much honey in some spoonfuls. I think this is a matter of personal preference. If it was chocolate, it would have been enough, kwim? So this would make a great breakfast with some fresh fruit added. If you are looking for a recipe, check out Adam's blog for cinnamon buns.

I also tried the plain. This is not recommended to eat for breakfast with mixed fruit unless you add some kind of sweetener (honey, sugar, etc). This yogurt is meant for cooking and baking because you add other flavors to it. I also made a cake with this, but it fell apart. It was a jelly roll cake, so it was the cake that fell apart rather than the yogurt messing up the recipe. I have another cup plus a larger container of vanilla yogurt, so I'll have to try more recipes with those.

Not only did Kristina and gang send me coupons, they also sent me a resuable grocery bag. Instead of the usual cloth bags, this bag is made 100% with old plastic bottles. Talk about recycled! Plus it's cat-approved.

If you would like coupons or find out which stores carry Oikos, please visit Oikos' web site. I would recommend this product to those who wouldn't mind spending a little extra for a great organic product.


Adam 8:15 AM  

I'm glad you liked all the goodies, and that bag is really cool (even the cat likes it) :)

Thanks for plugging my recipe, and I look forward to what is going on in your yogurt covered brain :)

The Cookbook Junkie 9:31 AM  

This is the only Greek yogurt I can get around here anymore and even though it's more expensive than the other brands of plain yogurt, it's worth it. It's the only plain yogurt I will use.

Nichi 12:31 PM  

Those nice peeps over at Stoneyfield sent met coupons too and I cant find it in any store I go to!
I love that bag its the best! I wish I could get another.

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