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>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's your lucky day! Because I live in an area away from anything cool (except for Kennywood), one wonderful reader can win a Bonefish Grill gift card! Seriously, I checked the store locator and none are within 100 miles of me. Boo! Here a snippet from the press releases:

In a downward economy, Trans-Pacific trips to Asia aren’t in the cards, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the area’s flavorful foods right outside your door. Local Bonefish Grill chefs make it easy to indulge in authentic Asian-inspired cuisine such as Huge Wild Gulf Shrimp Pad-Thai and Asian-style Tempura Lobster without breaking your bank, and are available to teach your readers how to make the most of their nights in with a festive Asian kick!

You have many ways of entering. Please make one comment for each entry. That means if you complete steps 1, 2, and 3, you would comment for #1 and post. Then comment for #2 and post. Comment for #3 and post, etc. This is so I can use the random number generator to pick the winning comment.

edit - In case it wasn't very clear, you need to leave a comment for each step completed. For example, if you are following me on Twitter, comment and say I am following you on Twitter. I am following you in a feed. I subscribed to your email, etc. Each time your comment, you have another entry in the giveaway. Make sense? I hope so!

1. Post a comment below, telling me your favorite seafood dish.

2. Follow me on Twitter and tweet this giveaway. Let me know in the comments what your username is (if it's not obvious).

3. Join my Facebook fan page. Let me know who you are if it isn't obvious.

4. Follow my Networked Blogs page. Let me know who you are if it isn't obvious.

5. Subscribe to receive emails. It is the first paragraph in the right column, right below the Food Buzz ad.

6. Click on my FoodBuzz ad in the right column and be my friend. Here is my profile page.

7. Add me to whatever feed you use. You can also use Google Friend Connect. If that link doesn't work, go in the right column, above where the blog links start, it says stalkers. Let me know who you are.

8. Blog about this and link back to me.

Make sure you leave an email in your comments. The contest will end Saturday, May 23 at midnight EST. The winner will be announced shortly after that. This is my first giveaway, so let me know if I left out any details.


bloggytreasures 7:12 PM  

Shrimp scampi is probably my favorite dish!

bloggytreasures 7:14 PM  

I follow you on twitter and tweeted!

Cheryl R 11:03 PM  

It has to be Crab Alfredo. Very rich and yummy.

Dazzled by Diapers 12:01 AM  

If we won, I would love to eat Lobster Tail! Bonefish Grill is about 10 miles from my house.

Dazzled by Diapers 12:04 AM  

I tweeted:

Dazzled by Diapers 12:05 AM  

I connected on google friend.

Shanbanan 2:56 PM  

So many fish, so little time/space. I love pretty much any filet of fish either broiled or grilled or steamed or baked. Love it w/ lemon, veggies, cajun, or, occasionally, fried. In soup or stews or even ceviche if we go to opposite end of the spectrum.

And there is a Bonefish Grill in town. :)

LSUTigers 9:00 AM  

I love most seafood. I was lucky enough to grow up in Louisiana where we are never in short supply of great quality seafood.
I follow your posts through blogged.


dolls123 11:00 AM  

I love clamcakes


dolls123 11:01 AM  

Facebook fan
michelle rosborough


dolls123 11:01 AM  

Twitter follower


dolls123 11:03 AM  

Networked Blogs page follower
michelle rosborough


Reeni 11:41 AM  

I have a bonefish grill two minutes from my house. It is pretty new and I haven't been there yet. My favorite seafood dish is coconut shrimp!

Reeni 11:43 AM  

I tweeted/twittered and I am following you on twitter.

Reeni 11:46 AM  

I'm your friend on Foodbuzz!

Tammigirl 12:46 PM  

My favorite is grilled salmon with a little lemon butter sauce. I like to eat fettucine alfredo with it.

Tammigirl 12:47 PM  

I follow you on twitter and I tweeted (tammigirl)

Tammigirl 12:55 PM  

I became a facebook fan!

Tammigirl 12:57 PM  

Also following your networked blogs feed Tammi V

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