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>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

With Easter candy and novelties hitting the stores as early as February, most people don't buy them until it gets closer to Easter. Don't be a slacker this year! Order your Easter candy from See's Candy! If you order early enough, you can have your chocolate in time for Easter to share with someone you love. Or keep it all for yourself. I won't tell.

See's Candy has contacted me about their products and offered to send some if I agreed to make a recipe with it. I chose Awesome Peanut Brittle Bars. I was debating between those, peppermint patties, dark molasses chips, and krispies. What made me decide was the dessert I was going to make. I really couldn't see these in a cookie or cupcake. I could see cheesecake or ice cream, so I will probably use the brittle for ice cream. '

Sorry to say I haven't tried their chocolate yet, but I wanted to get this post up early because Easter is in a few weeks. But really, how can you go wrong with chocolate?


Steph 9:09 PM  

Lucky! I wish I got a shipment of free chocoalte..hhaa.. Now aren't you glad that doesn't give you an upset stomach?!

O man.. school is really stressing me out, but I think life is stressing me out even more. I have no idea what I'm doing after I finish. I wish I could start a bakery or something..haha. if only! Honestly, I really don't want school to end. I actually enjoy going to class and studying even though I complain about it like crazy.

Katrina 2:55 PM  

Love See's chocolate.

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