Tuesdays With Dorie - Tall and Creamy Cheesecake

>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. For Christmas dessert, I made Dorie's Tall and Creamy Cheesecake. And boy did she mean tall. She called for a 9 inch pan with 2 3/4 inch tall sides. Otherwise, you'll be left with extra filling. And look how much filling mine made:

9 inch cake pan, 3 small springform heart pans, and 4 ramekins

So if you don't have the appropriate pan and not feeding a crowd, I suggest cutting the recipe in half. Since I wasn't accounting for the extra pans, I only made the crust for the small heart pans (which I was originally planning to serve). I don't know if water accidentally got into the bottom of the pans, but my crust was a little soggy. The filling was amazingly creamy (and rich!) I used all heavy cream, but next time I may do 2/3 heavy cream and 1/3 sour cream. Also, I opted for plain cheesecake. Now that the recipe is successful, I will experiment with the flavors. It did take a lot of time and beating though! Since I only have a hand mixer, my arm was sore.

Some of the TwDers experienced cracked tops. Fortunately (and surprisingly!), mine weren't. This was my first cheesecake completely from scratch.

Tall and Creamy Cheesecake

Thanks for this week goes to Anne of Anne Strawberry for picking the recipe. You can find it on page 235-237 of Baking: From My Home To Yours or on Anne's blog.


Engineer Baker 7:48 PM  

Whoa, that's a lot of filling! Mine overflowed into 3 mini tart pans and two ramekins though, so I'm right there with you. Extra cheesecake is never a problem

Reeni 7:55 PM  

I love the heart ones, those are so sweet! Your going to be eating cheesecakes for a month. They came out great!

Patsyk 9:23 PM  

Those are so cute!

Steph 9:32 PM  

I'm sure even with extra filling, it won't take too long to finish. We ended up going to grove city even though our dollar was so bad and the deals weren't that great, but it's really for the experience. We sort of have this annual GC tradition.. our little family trip.. haha. You were right about the gas, I couldn't believe how little it was to fill up a tank. I actually drove for a bit to let my aunt rest and it was so scary because the winds were crazy. I thought that we were being lifted off the ground. I kind of wish we went to a shopping mall instead because I hear the deals were supposed to be amazing. Did you get a new camera?

Btw, I signed up for foodbuzz, do I just sign the agreement and scan it back to them?

Happy new year Carla!!

Rebecca 10:00 PM  

The little hearts are adorable! And thanks for the warning about the batter. I haven't made mine yet.

Leslie 10:59 PM  

I LOVE your hearts! I made mine plain, too, and loved it. I can't get over how terrific those hearts look!

TeaLady 11:30 PM  

Great cheesecakes. Love the hearts. Dye them red for Valentines. Weren't they great tasting....

Megan 12:46 AM  

Wow - congrats on your first successful homemade cheesecake. I'm glad it turned out so well.

Katrina 10:08 AM  

Holy Cheesecake, Batman! Weird, because mine all fit in a 9 inch pan. Love the little hearts! Yummy to cheesecake!
Happy New Year!

Nancy/n.o.e 10:53 PM  

It was my first cheesecake also, and we really liked it even tho' it was sort of a disaster!

AmyRuth 1:35 AM  

Love your cute photos and the heart shaped cakes. That'll be a happy Valentienes keeper. Maybe chocolate?
Great work.

Stephanie Bourassa 4:03 PM  

Cheesecake is my weakness...
I haven't baked one myself yet.. but I have a lot of experience in eating them ;)
They look really good.

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