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>> Saturday, November 29, 2008

This week's recipe was perfect for Thanksgiving. If you can't decide between pumpkin or pecan pie, this pie allows you to have both. I've had my fair share of pumpkin pie, but I don't think I can recall ever having pecan pie. With this recipe, I think I expected more of a sugary topping. Although the pie was good, I didn't think it was THAT great.

Mine fell apart when cutting it, but it was fine after being refrigerated. It might have been the crust. My dad decided to buy premade pie crusts, so I used one of those.

Thanksgiving Twofer Pie

Thanks to Vibi of La Casserole Carree for choosing this pie so close to Thanksgiving. You can find the recipe here.


Engineer Baker 7:23 PM  

Fell apart? That looks like a perfect slice to me! I hope it was tasty, even if it didn't blow you out of the water.

Steph 7:36 PM  

How about you send some pie my way! haha.. I've never had homemade pumpkin pie before. When I told my mom I would be making a pumpkin pie over the holidays, the first thing she said was eww. And then the truth about my pumpkin muffins was revealed. It turns out no one likes pumpkin except for me. I hope you had a great thanksgiving!! How were the sales?! 1 more week until school and lots of assignments to complete! I can't wait til the holidays.. then I can do some real testing. (my different mixing methods for the same recipe because I'm just that curious, I can't wait)

vibi 7:52 PM  

Thank you very much Carla, for participating with me this week!
...and thank you dad for saving the day! Gave great results!

Megan 11:58 AM  

I think I would love this pie. I love both pumpkin and pecan so this is right up my alley!

Reeni 3:33 PM  

I made a similar sweet potato pie that I was disappointed in. Sometimes after it sets overnight it tastes better, I'm not sure why, I just know it happens a lot with my baked goods.

Jo 9:06 PM  

Your pie looks great! My pie wasn't very firm either. I, too, used a pre-made crust. It was surprisingly flaky and not too bad.

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