A Challenge I Have Neglected

>> Sunday, September 28, 2008

Does anybody remember when I made my 100 foods to make list? Although I have been cooking new things, I haven't really been following my list. And some things I have made but never blogged about. So I decided to update my list and either link to what I have done or bold it. How is everyone's list coming along? Did anybody even make a list? I know Javagirlkt has.

For those of you who are not familiar with this, I decided back in March I was going to make a list of foods that I either have never made, have made but not in a long time, have made but screwed up *coughFUDGEcough* or have made but want to try a different recipe. So when you see common recipes like cream pie or chocolate cookie, I mean either a new recipe or a successful recipe (such as not having my cream pies be all runny - twice!).

If you want in on the action, feel free to create your own list and share with me. It can be 50 things, 100 things, whatever. My list is a lifetime goal. However, I know some people like to set goals for the year. You can be as broad (pie, cake, fish) or as specific (tiramisu, butternut soup, biscotti) as you want. There really are no rules, and everyone has a list, whether mentally or written out.

1. Baked Alaska
2. Yeast bread
3. Biscotti
4. Thumbprint cookies
5. Pizza dough (never blogged about it)
6. Pie crust (never blogged specifically about it)
7. Kabobs
8. Pound cake
9. Mango salsa
10. Chutney
11. General Tao’s chicken (I messed up the sauce because I forgot the sugar)
12. Donuts
13. Biscuits and gravy
14. Gumbo
15. Jambalaya
16. Clam chowder
17. Tiramisu
18. Baklava
19. Ice cream
20. Torrone
21. Paella
22. Flan
23. Homemade oreos
24. Bruschetta
25. Bolognese sauce (I made this two nights ago but I didn't have red wine, so I'm going to try this again)
26. Crepes
27. Fortune cookies
28. Irish soda bread
29. Potato farl
30. Ice cream cake
31. Homemade marshmallows
32. Fudge (I'm talking without marshmallow cream or evaporated milk)
33. Chocolate orange peels (haha FAIL! Not even close)
34. Homemade tootsie rolls
35. Homemade cow’s tails
36. Funnel cake
37. BBQ sauce
38. Hamburgers (still working on a blog-worthy recipe. I just randomly throw stuff together)
39. Milkshake
40. Hummus
41. Egg rolls
42. Pulled pork sandwiches
43. Stuffed chicken breast
44. Stuffed meatloaf
45. Homemade lemonade
46. Carrot cake
47. Cocktail
48. Homemade pocky
49. Bread bowl
50. Gingerbread house
51. Fondue
52. Omelet
53. Bread pudding
54. Peda
55. Samoas
56. Do-si-does
57. Thin Mints
58. Tagalongs
59. Soft pretzels
60. Angel food cake
61. Cinnamon rolls
62. Cheesecake
63. Filled cupcake
64. Peanut butter cups
65. Peanut brittle
66. Exotic meat
67. Fish
68. Cream pie
69. Brownie
70. Blondie
71. Drop cookie
72. Cut-out cookie
73. Non-chocolate cookie
74. Chocolate cookie
75. Veggie casserole
76. Beef casserole
77. Chicken casserole
78. Puff pastry
79. Stuffing
80. Vinaigrette
81. Pickled
82. Calzone
83. Bread machine
84. Egg
85. Caribbean
86. Éclairs
87. Dip
88. Seafood (I don't have a great picture, so I have to redo this recipe)
89. Truffles
90. Coffee cake
91. Tart (I need a tart pan first!)
92. Scone
93. Tortilla roll-ups
94. Italian wedding soup
95. Creamed soup
96. Custard
97. Ramekin
98. Granola bars
99. Rice Pudding
100. Stuffed French Toast

16 out of 100. I need to get moving.


Adam 9:17 PM  

I like that idea for making a list. It's like writing down your goals, and it keeps you on track.

You have some great pics on there. Any specific order? Or are you just picking at random?

Reeni 1:45 PM  

I have a big list too and I've only made about five of the things on there. The important thing is that your cooking and blogging even if it's not off the list! You have great recipes and I always look forward to seeing what you've cooked up.

Mrs. L 1:41 AM  

I started out with a yearly list which I haven't done so great at (grin). I'll have to make a bigger list and see if that works!

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