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>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who doesn't love fresh fruit in the summer time (or any season, for that matter)? When I saw that Tuesdays With Dorie's next recipe was Dorie's Summer Fruit Galette, I started to think of the possible fruit combinations. Originally, I wanted to do apricots because I have never had fresh apricots (gasp!). Unfortunately, the local farm was sold out and the grocery store didn't put them on sale until the day after I made this (regular price - $3.99 a pound). So I decided to go with peaches. Then I thought, well raspberries compliment peaches, so it turned into a peach and raspberry galette.

For those not familiar with a galette, it's a pie crust filled with whatever (usually fruit but I suppose you could make a nut filling). What makes it a galette and not a pie or tart is the folding of the dough as opposed to putting it in a pie or tart pan.

I used peach preserves for the jam flavor, simply because that's what we had in the fridge. I am still new at homemade pie crusts, and since I don't own a food processor and I was too lazy to use the blender, I made it by hand. I don't think I rolled it out to a full 13 inches, but eh. Mine turned out to be VERY juicy from the peaches, so I guess that means more graham cracker crumbs next time. Also, I didn't use all of the custard. Honestly, I couldn't tell there was the custard filling simply because my galette was filled to max capacity and it was incredibly juicy. I would definitely be making this galette again, perhaps with apricots next time.

It also makes a good breakfast snack *cough*

Summer Fruit Galette

It was Michelle's turn to pick the recipe. If you own the book, the recipe is on page 366. If you don't have the book (what are you waiting for?!), you can find the recipe on her blog. Thank you Michelle for picking such a nice, refreshing summer dessert!


Ellen and Tom 1:44 PM  

Your galette looks perfect!

Megan 2:29 PM  

Yummmm! I was just thinking about apricots. I swear girl, we are on the same wave lenght even though miles seperate us.

Engineer Baker 2:56 PM  

Fruit = breakfast. Oh yeah, and there was egg in the custard, so there's two reasons for it being a breakfast food.

Teanna DiMicco 3:18 PM  

That's totally perfect for breakfast! So absolutely gorgeous!

Christine 6:07 PM  

Yum peaches and raspberries! Your galette looks delicious!

Susie Homemaker 6:29 PM  

Breakfast or dessert (or lunch or dinner) I love the looks of that galette!!

Molly Loves Paris 6:45 PM  

I think that one thing about a galette is that there is NOTHING precise about it. Yours looks wonderful.

Summertime,  8:46 PM  

That is one seriously beautiful galette! Peaches with raspberries sounds really really good right about now...

Anj 7:54 AM  

That is so beautiful. I've been looking for a recipe to use some fresh peaches I just got -- looks like I found it.

The DeL Family 12:33 PM  

Great fruit choice!

Ellen and Tom 1:49 PM  

I hope you don't mind but I linked to your blog on my galette post because I wish mine came out looking like yours!

Rigby 2:00 PM  

Your galette sounds delicious, and perfect for breakfast :)

Alwayzbakin 2:06 PM  

Awesome galette. I used peaches and raspberries also. It was really good. Yours looks delicious.

Stephanie Bourassa 9:52 PM  

Yummy! Raspberry is my favourite berry and one of my favourite fruit.
This look delicious and it definitely goes in my recipes! Thanks!

Nancy/n.o.e 12:45 AM  

I used peaches and raspberries too! Your galette is just beautiful.

Dolores 7:25 PM  

Your peach and raspberry combination sounds yummy, and it LOOKS great.

Bungalow Barbara 12:14 AM  

That looks great! And I bet it tasted great too. Mmmm.

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