Review: Kraft Food and Family Magazine

>> Saturday, May 19, 2007

Finals week, how stressful. Normally I would be baking to relax my mind from studying, but since I don't have the necessary equipment or ingredients, I look up recipes I want to bake and save the recipes in Word. Ah, my personal computerized cookbook *pets laptop*

4 finals down, 1 more to go. 2 weeks from today I fly back to the states. Since I probably won't have any interesting recipes to post until June, I decided to do a cookbook review.

Kraft Food and Family Magazine

These magazines have to be one of my favorites for several reasons:

1. I enjoy receiving mail that has nothing to do with credit cards.
2. A pet peeve of mine is recipes without a picture. If I remember correctly, all or at least most of the recipes should have a corresponding picture.
3. They're FREE!!

That's right - subscription to this magazine is free!! All you have to do is register at Kraft Food's website. Click here to register. If you don't want to receive magazines in the mail, you can always opt to receive the emails.

To get an idea on what recipes the magazines offer, you can visit here.

Since I'm in Ireland and my magazines are back in PA, I can't give an accurate review. I do remember going through the magazines I had and used sticky tabs to mark the recipes I wanted to try. After I was done, my mom asked why I just tabbed every single page LOL Come on now, there were a few pages I skipped, like recipes for meatloaf or something with blueberries. I don't eat either.

I got excited this morning because when I visited the website to do a review, the magazine cover changed. That means Summer 2007 version is in the mail and should be on my bed (or under the cat) when I fly home.

Not a very informative review, but I promise to be more detailed in the future!


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