Foodbuzz Daily Special - Madagascar Vanilla

>> Thursday, June 03, 2010

Today's Daily Special, brought to you by Foodbuzz, is Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Vanilla. As the name suggests, this vanilla is made from vanilla beans grown on Madagascar. There are several varieties of vanilla beans, based on where they are grown - Madagascar, Bourbon, Mexico, Tonga, Papau New Guinea, Tahiti, India, Indonesia, probably some more I forgot.

Chances are if you worked with vanilla beans or pure vanilla extract, you've worked with Madagascar vanilla. Each type of bean has a distinct vanilla flavor. I've only had Madagascar, so I can't compare it for you. I found a nice little guide at Vanilla Garlic should you'd like more information.

The best way to experience vanilla is vanilla ice cream. Growing up, I hated vanilla ice cream. It was so plain and blah. Then somewhere along the culinary road, I tried real, homemade vanilla ice cream. Amazing! I could definitely eat a whole carton of it. I suggest Dorie Greenspan's recipe in Baking: From My Home To Yours. I think I've made it three times last year?

Now to the daily special - buy a bottle of extract from this link and receive 14% off and $1 standard shipping. Free shipping if your total is $99 or more. You can check out Foodbuzz's Daily Special page for more information.


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