Julie and Julia

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tonight after calling off work due to the second blizzard, I decided to finally watch Julie and Julia my brother got for me from Netflix about a month ago. Did anybody else find themselves in Julie? She was spot-on with my life (minus the husband part) - worked a job she hated, loves to cook, has a food blog, and a cat. Hell, she even flips out in the kitchen like me, crying on the floor when dinner is a complete disaster and runs away while boiling live lobster (which I haven't done yet). Now I want to cook through Julia Child's cookbook except I won't make beef aspic. Or bone a whole duck. Oh well, I still might check it out at the library.

One minor thing I didn't like is the cat didn't have a name. Seriously, when she blogged towards the end, she said "me, Eric, and the cat." Then the ending that told you "where they are today" said "the cat" as well. He was in the movie more than I expected. Give him a name! haha

Has anybody else seen this movie and felt inspired by it? None of my close friends have seen it. I'm probably a little bias in saying I loved it, but I think anyone who has a heart for food will find it a favorite as well.


Virginia 9:41 PM  

I saw it and related to the blogging aspects of Julie. I also do a bit of cooking on my blog, but not so gourmet. I related to the feeling of the blog being "all about me." Hahah!


Alexandra 10:25 PM  

I enjoyed the movie. My mom and watched it and thought, "why do other people come up with the good ideas?" Like going through a cookbook and blogging about it, or filming the things on your bucket list (i.e. The Buried Life). I never think of cool stuff like that until someone else does. :-(

The Kitchen Masochist 12:52 AM  

I definitely saw myself in Julie, the part in which she works at a job she's not really into. I am in that situation right now.

However, I wasn't inspired by the movie to start my own blog though. I kinda thought Julie's character was a bit whiney. That, I did not relate to. I was, however, inspired by Julia Child's story. :)

April 8:32 AM  

I went to the theaters to see it twice and have probably watched it another 6 times since then. I love it. My husband bought me the book for Christmas and would like to cook through it...except for the aspics and the brains.

Cristina @ TeenieCakes 12:46 PM  

Really liked the movie Julie and Julia too. I saw it in the theater twice. I rarely buy dvd, but I secured my own copy because it's just one of those movies that will be a classic for me. Meryl Streep is an incredible actress and Stanley Tucci was adorable.

Jen 2:00 PM  

I really liked the Julia Child part, but not so much the movie. Not sure why, but it didn't inspire me much. Maybe I had it built up too much in my mind? Just saw it recently myself and made Boeuf Bourguignon to go along with it!


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