Box? I Need No Stinkin' New Box

>> Friday, August 07, 2009

Remember when Murray needed a new box?

Fed Ex box? But...but...what's wrong with my old one?

See? I have plenty of room!

It was only a matter of time until Murray invented the three-sided box haha Mushroom soup coming tomorrow, stay tuned!


Reeni 8:41 PM  

That's so cute!

Katrina 10:54 PM  

It's like when you buy babies toys and they end up playing with and having more fun with the box! ;)
Cute kitty!

Walden 11:00 PM  

Makes perfect sense, the old one is already broken in and comfy. It's very tiresome to teach a new box what it should be like.

Adam 7:56 AM  

It's amazing what simple things animals love. Socks, shoes, boxes, potting soil... I swear I want my kids to be like that. They'll be cheap easy dates :)

Mini Baker 12:45 PM  

My cat was obsessed with boxes too! Your cat is adorable!
Love your blog also :)
-Mini Baker

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