>> Monday, June 01, 2009

So apparently I forgot to blog about Chocolate Moosey's second year anniversary, which was April 28. It's not that I forgot. If you were to ask me, hey when was CM created? I would say April 28, 2007. I was majorly homesick in Ireland and started blogging (now I'm homesick for Ireland, heh). This year, I had no power April 27 and 28, so that's probably why I didn't think about it. That and finals week.

I have nothing special to blog about - no anniversary cakes, no giveaways. Maybe once I get a job I will finally have money to do my own giveaway. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on CM or have general comments or questions, let me know.

Keep on baking.


Megan 9:37 PM  

Happy Blogaversary Carla!

Emer,  9:41 PM  

Wow time flies by...*remembers UL and the cats* Congrats :)
<3 Emer

Adam 8:21 AM  

Congrats Carla. 2 years? That's pretty cool. I'd think I'd like to see some blogging about Pittsburgh stuff. Maybe a nice Polish food or Cheesesteak post.

And animals in funny hats make me laugh :)

Katrina 11:49 AM  

Happy blogging! You go and keep on going, Girl!
Oh, and don't worry, we haven't eaten the smiley cupcake--yet!

pigpigscorner 3:04 PM  

Happy blog birthday! I think I missed mine too.

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