Tuesdays With Dorie - Chipster-Topped Brownies

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This week's pick was Chipster-Topped Brownie, brownies with a chocolate chip cookie layer on top. I have tried many chocolate chip cookie recipes and failed at pretty much all of them, and this recipe was no different. My chocolate chips sunk into the brownie layer, so really it's just a brownie with a cookie layer on top. This is what they are supposed to look like. Also, I think I overbaked them slightly, so I suggest covering with foil to keep the top from being too brown. One thing I didn't like about the recipe is you had to wash dishes after making the brownie layer. Unless someone asks me, I probably won't make these again.

Thanks to Beth from Supplicious for picking this week's recipe! You can find the recipe on pages 94-95 of Baking: From My Home To Yours or on Beth's blog.

Anybody else ever experience a baking rut? It seems like everything I have been making lately is messed up in some way. My wonton soup didn't cook properly, chocolate chip cookies failed like usual, my carrot cake didn't rise, the cookie layer didn't work with these brownies, and yesterday, my hamburgers fell apart. My hamburgers never fall apart. Is it possible for the baker's mood to be transfered into food? I feel like everything lately is falling apart, like those burgers.


Maria 2:54 PM  

Sorry they weren't a favorite. They look good:)

lasinthekitchen 3:11 PM  

Sorry to hear about your baking rut.

I don't think your brownies failed at all! They look delicious! Your chocolate chips sinking into the brownie batter is just a different variation! Looks yummy!

B 4:34 PM  

I definitely go through ruts! Yours look great. I should have tented mine. Oh well, they still tasted delicious.

Clivia 5:59 PM  

I think your treats look perfect. The cookie layer has begun to meld with the brownie. Don't be hard on yourself!

Katrina 7:09 PM  

I think a lot of people were having issues with the cookie layer, sorry, but they look great in your photos. I hate baking ruts so I feel your pain and hope it's over soon!
As for the POM brownies, there is just a little hint of "hmm, what is that" in them (leave off the syrup after they are baked and just swirl some in the batter in the pan as I did-on accident, and maybe it won't be so noticeable. Mine had just a hint of flavor. I don't drink and never have, but it made me think of what it would be like if something had a hint of alcohol in it. But you're right, if some around you don't like the POM juice, they probably wouldn't like those brownies. (I like the POM brownies better than the way-too-rich TWD ones.)

Steph 8:31 PM  

I think yours still look good. At least you didn't have brownies falling apart! Carla, what CCC recipe are you using?! What's wrong w/ the CCCs? You're using your silicon mat now so they don't spread and stick like crazy right?

Anj 8:55 PM  

Sorry you're in a cooking slump. That happens to me too. I think your brownies look really good though.

Megan 1:04 AM  

Sorry about your downer. The brownies look and sound delicious. I had 2 culinary disaster this weekend. Had to redo my Daring Baker challenge. It happens to all of us once in a while!

Alwayzbakin 8:34 AM  

I'm sorry about you're baking rut. I've been there. But, honestly, I would eat your brownies! They still look good.

TeaLady 5:04 PM  

I like my brownies and cookies apart, so I don't think i will make again either. But yours look really tasty.

Last nite my bread fell apart when wrapped around a burger. You are not alone.....

Adam 8:28 AM  

I've been in a rut before. You can't come up with any new ideas, and sometimes things just go right. The best thing to do is just find some inspiration, or ask your friends to help in the kitchen. Two heads are better than one :)

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