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>> Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This week's pick was Banana Cream Pie. I was excited to make this because my parents love banana cream pie. However, this isn't your typical banana pudding and meringue pie. It's a pastry cream filling with whipped cream on top.

I didn't make the pie crust, so I bought one pre-made. I wanted to, but I had a super-packed weekend two weeks ago (when I made this pie) and was too exhausted. I barely finished making this pie before running off for the night. Plus I usually end up with a tough pie crust. I don't even like eating pie crust.

This recipe I used fresh nutmeg for the first time, thanks to Marx Foods. They mailed me samples of six spices a few weeks ago. The people there are just awesome. Now if I can find a good recipe to use the rest of my spices. Any recipes with grains of paradise, tellicherry or scheuzan peppercorns? Anyway, back to the nutmeg. Now I know why you should use fresh - it's very powerful! I'm definitely going to consider using fresh nutmeg when possible.

Back to the pie itself. The pastry cream confused me. I was expecting silky smooth, like eclairs. Especially since banana cream pie normally has that smooth pudding. Wrong (unless I overcooked it??). It was thick and kinda gloopy, but it was still smooth. It spread easily over the bananas, so I guess I did it correctly? It tasted like pumpkin pie with the nutmeg and cinnamon. Since I was running short on time, the cream only chilled for an hour in the fridge and was still pretty warm. Didn't notice much of a difference since the assembled pie chilled in the fridge overnight.

As for the topping, the whipped cream was different. Good, but I prefer the traditional meringue. Plus you are left with 6 egg whites, so might as well use some making meringue. I used some of the whites for cupcakes (will post on April 13 for the virtual bake sale!)

Thanks Amy of Sing For Your Supper for picking this delicious pie! It lasted only 2 days with four people. You can find the recipe on pages 342-343 of Baking: From My Home To Yours or on Amy's blog.


Steph 9:22 AM  

I've never used fresh nutmeg before.. always wanted to just so I can use my microplane..haha. I can't wait to see your cupcakes!

Amy of Sing For Your Supper 11:40 AM  

Mmm, it looks fantastic! Thanks for baking with me this week!


Kara 1:14 PM  

Looks good. You prettied yours up with banana slices and that didn't even occur to me! :)

I've never made banana cream pie with meringue though. I've always had cream pies (banana, chocolate, whatever) with whipped cream. I'm not sure I'd like meringue on mine.

Teanna 2:05 PM  

I've never used fresh nutmeg but I really want to try it! Your pie is gorgeous! I hope your cupcakes sell like hotcakes!

TeaLady 2:40 PM  

Friend gave me a jar of whole nutmegs and a grater and I have been hooked ever since. Beats the pre-ground any time.

Pie looks really tasty. Great job.

Lindsey Johnson 8:25 PM  

You did a great job! Fresh nutmeg is one of my faves.

Reeni 9:46 PM  

It looks so thick and delicious!

Maria 12:33 PM  

Fresh nutmeg is the best! The pie looks wonderful!

Katrina 7:22 PM  

Your pie looks fabulous. I have never bought or received fresh nutmeg.
My custard was quite thick and gloopy also, I just chilled it anyway, and just before spreading it on the banana layers, I added a little milk to make it smoother and less thick. Don't really know if it was supposed to be that way. Next time I will try not cooking it as long, although it came together way fast and I really didn't cook it long anyway. Great job, Carla! There is an awesome chocolate cookie recipe on www.cookiemadness.net for pecan chewies that use 3 egg whites. So good!

Tracey 10:46 PM  

Fresh nutmeg is so fabulous! I used it for the first time recently and now I don't want to use the stuff in the jar! Your pie looks wonderful :)

Annette 6:17 PM  

It looks so good! I thought I overcooked the custard too. But the end result tasted great. I'm going to make it again just so I can perfect it. :)

Jules Someone 10:09 AM  

Your pie looks lovely! I ended up thinning my custard with a bit of milk. It helped.

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