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>> Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tidbit 1 - Never eat cottage cheese and drink coffee together. Just don't do it.

Tidbit 2 - Never underestimate Pittsburgh.

Murray enjoying the Superbowl

Tidbit 3 - Never pass up the opportunity to bake Dorie's World Peace Cookies. Despite the name, I never expected this recipe to be that great. I just expected another chocolate cookie. Wrong. These are chocolate melt-in-your-mouth shortbread-like cookies. Amazing.

I don't know why, but cookies are always the hardest thing for me to bake. I can never get them the correct shape. Sometimes they stick to the cookie sheet, throwing me into a rage. Several bakers suggested that I buy parchment paper. However, when I was in Wal Mart, I found 2 silcone mats on clearance for $7. Based on my online shopping, I knew that was a great price. I would probably spend $7 in parchment paper anyway. Plus I was helping the environment. I must say if you don't have silcone mats, go to the store right now. You will save so much frustration. Plus mine has a ruler and little circles for cookie placement. Isn't that awesome or what?

One problem I did have with this recipe is the dough crumbled a little too much. I think I might not have mixed the dry ingredients as much as I should have, but I was afraid of overmixing. I did manage to form the dough into blobs, so it wasn't a total loss.

World Peace Cookies

Thank you Jessica of Cookbook Habit for picking this recipe! I don't think I would have picked it on my own. You can find the recipe on page 138 in Baking: From My Home To Yours or on Jessica's blog


Reeni 2:24 PM  

They look delicious!!! Double-chocolaty, yummy. Great deal on the silicon mats!!

Susie 4:48 PM  

Murray is so adorable! Is he sleeping on a box of mushrooms? Hehehhehee Kitties..

Steph 7:22 PM  

Wow, that's a great deal on the mats. I use parchment under my cookies, not just because of the sticking, but also because it gives me that crisp edge without burning. I was tempted to buy a silpat, but then I read that cookies don't spread as much on those mats and well.. I just love thin cookies. If you do buy parchment, you should try Costco. I buy 3 rolls there and it lasts me a long time, but mostly because I reuse the ones for cookies. I feel bad for throwing out paperlike things because it makes me feel like I just chopped a branch off a tree.

Stephanie Bourassa 7:28 PM  

I almost bought you silicon sheet for Christmas but I had already bought the earrings. They are just magic. I work with them for cookies. You can even put them in the dishwasher, well mine anyways. They have a whole set of tools too, like cake or muffin molds and all. I'll probably invest in some when I start buying for apartment again. They save you time and trouble.
Well good job on the cookies, I know how they can be your pet peeves ;)

Jessica 9:04 PM  

Your cookies look great - and I am also a big fan of the silicone mats. That was quite a deal!

Nancy/n.o.e 9:19 PM  

I've found silicone mats at Marshall's too. Now I use them for everything. Your cookies look just like mine - love them so much.

Shari 11:01 PM  

That's a great buy for silicon liners! Looks delicious!

Anj 7:26 AM  

Okay, it might be just me, but I don't think I'd have to be advised not to eat cottage cheese and drink coffee! Happy for your Steelers. Your kitty is so cute.

I bought my parchment paper in the Wilton section of a Hobby Lobby (Michaels would do as well). They always have a 40% coupon for a regular priced item each week online. Your cookies look great.

Danielle 9:41 AM  

Your cookies look great. No worries about me drinking coffee and eating cottage cheese at the same time, the thought of cottage cheese makes me want to gag.

Teanna 3:49 PM  

Coffee and cottage cheese. Eek. That sounds bad! hahaha! The cookies, on the other hand, look delicious!

TeaLady 9:43 PM  

Lucky you on the W-M deal. I will have to check ours out just in case. Great looking cookie.

Megan 10:24 AM  

Weather sliced or blobed, this is one of my favorite cookies!!!

Maris 11:12 PM  

I think the shape is the least important part of the cookie. As long as they have chocolate, I'm sure they're delicious!

Hilary 5:33 PM  

Those cookies do look great! Thanks for the tidbits. I don't drink coffee so #1 won't be a porblem, but still good to know.

Paige 11:21 PM  

The cookies look fabulous!

With my chocolate Christmas cookies, I know they need more mixing than I would usually expect. The more they're mixed, the less crumbly the dough gets. Might work with these ones, too.

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