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>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just letting the blogging world know I will be in San Salvador, Bahamas starting tomorrow for spring break. Ok technically tomorrow is Nassau and Saturday is San Salvador, but you get the idea. I'm going on a trip with my Oceanography class and staying at a research center. I will have very little Internet access, so just think no news = good news. Although I am super excited, I am very terrified. This will be my first time snorkeling, and I am a water phobe. It is very mild because I am still going to force myself into the water. I am also very excited to eat a conch salad. My plane should arrive back in the States late March 7.

Hope everyone has a nice week. I'll try not to get too burnt. Or drown.

Also, a small reminder that you still have a few days left to win KitchenAid appliances. I already won a hand mixer, value of about $60. That's the price on foodnetwork.com, at least.


Reeni 3:29 PM  

Have fun, Carla!! I hope you'll share some pictures with us!!

Stephanie 9:35 PM  

Have a great trip!

Katrina 6:12 AM  

Have fun! Be safe.

Teresa 10:38 AM  

I hope you have a lovely holiday.

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