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>> Thursday, January 01, 2009

Last year, I made several food-related resolutions. Here is a review and whether I have accomplished them:

1. Make espresso-based drinks as good as the coffee houses - I was fine until the frother on my espresso maker broke. It's clogged and I cannot unclog it no matter how many times I've tried cleaning it.

2. Make Baked Alaska - I still haven't gotten around to this!

3. Eat something new - I've had fresh beets, collard greens, and catfish.

4. Bake a pie from scratch - I have several times.

5. Bake biscotti - It was one of the Tuesdays With Dorie challenges.

Four out of five isn't bad at all. This year's resolutions will be:

1. Make Baked Alaska - I'm still determined to make this.

2. Decorate cookies and/or cakes and be proud - This involves me actually buying a decorator's kit. Any suggestions? Maybe I'll ask for it as a birthday gift in May.

3. Share my goodies more often - I'm always hesitant in sharing outside of my family and close friends because I'm afraid they won't be good enough.

4. Eat more locally - I didn't start doing this until my trip to Savannah, GA. Now I'm more open to eating at places that aren't a national chain. I'll have the opportunity again when I go back to Washington, DC in March and Nashville, TN in May. If you have been to those places and have suggestions as to where I should eat, let me know.

5. Be better at food photography - Tastespotting and Foodgawker are photo snobs, and as much as they piss me off, I'm still trying to get my photos on their sites because they bring in major blog traffic. I know my pictures aren't the best, but I've seen pictures just as good or even worse than mine.


Reeni 6:35 AM  

Carla, check out Photograzing, I have never had a picture turned down by them. Fresh beets went on my list yesterday, I have only eaten the canned ones. I want to learn how to decorate cakes better too!

Anj 7:57 AM  

Those are some great accomplishments you managed. Good luck in 2009 for reaching your goals. I've been to Nashville but it was when I was a 'band mom' a long time ago. The big thing that stands out was shopping at the Opryland Hotel, wow what a palace.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more new and exciting things coming from you. Happy New Year.

OhioMom 8:06 PM  

Happy New Year Carla!

Megan 12:00 AM  

Happy New Year carla. I would say 4 out of 5 on the list is pretty darn good! And I so agree about Tastespotting and foodgawker. I'll have to look into photograzing like Reeni mentioned. I didn't even know they were around. There is so many now.
Stumble helps with traffic. I'll keep stumbling you. Come Stumble with me!

Anne 9:55 AM  

Great job on last years goals and I like your new ones, too. Let us know how they go!

cinabar 7:35 PM  

Being better at photography for my blog is one of my resolutions too! I'm ashamed of some of my piccies! :-D

Stephanie Bourassa 4:01 PM  

As I mentioned before, you're on the good road for perfection in food photography. You definitely improved, a lot! I suggest you browse around in DA(deviantart.com) you'll see a lot of examples and maybe tutorials and tricks, people are nice over there.

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