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>> Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This is probably the first time I baked with real butter. I had it in my mind that you must use butter for all shortbread and sable recipes. Otherwise, it will not come out that great. Did anybody use margarine and still got great results?

Don't have linzer cookie cutters? No problem! Use a regular cookie cutter (round, flower, heart, whatever). Then with a toothpick, create small holes in the center of half the cookies. You may need to redo the holes after baking because if the dough is too warm, they will spread and make the hole smaller. For the nuts, Dorie offers a variety to use, so I used walnuts. They need to be finely ground, so use a food processor.

These cookies were amazing! I don't know if it was the butter or the "sandy" texture of the dough. I halved the recipe because there was too much junk in the house, but that was a bad idea. Even my mom kept asking for more (usually she hates my food). I used apricot filling (not jelly but that baker's dessert filling stuff). For the powdered sugar, I dipped the cookie tops into a small bowl before sandwiching together. I would suggest keeping these in a container because overnight, they got soft.

Linzer Sables

Thanks Noskos of Living the Life for picking awesome holiday cookies! You can find the recipe on pages 134-135 of Baking: From My Home To Yours or Noskos' blog.


Engineer Baker 10:08 AM  

Really?! You've never baked with butter before? Oh my, I've gone through so much butter for TWD... I don't think you'd quite get the right texture using margarine with these, but don't quote me on that. Your sables look wonderful, and great tip on using a toothpick for the center!

Meg 12:48 PM  

They looks absolutely beautiful! I am sure they are tasty!

pinkstripes 2:50 PM  

You've never baked with butter? Wow! Your cookies look gorgeous.

Jamie 3:36 PM  

Yum, I ber apricot filling is delicious!

Maria 5:40 PM  

I can't believe you just tried baking with butter. I use way too much of it..ha! The cookies look amazing!

Reeni 5:43 PM  

These are so pretty and my Mom's favorites. Although we have never made them at home. I will have to make them for her. You did right by using butter for these, I bet they just kind of melt in your mouth.

Lindsey Johnson 5:46 PM  

Mmm...apricot. Sounds and looks great!

Anj 5:53 AM  

You should try shortbread now that you are a pro with butter. These look so nice. I have some heart cookie cutters I've wanted to use for something like this. Just might have to give this recipe a try. Good job!

Alwayzbakin 6:06 AM  

They look awesome, Carla. Who says you need linzer tart cutters? No Way! I bet the apricot filling was great.

Katrina 9:26 AM  

Butter does give a much better flavor and is MUCH better for you than margarine. (Margarine is a hydrogenated oil.) Although, I grew up using margarine and even until my husband finally got his Phd and we're now making a little more money--I ONLY buy butter.
Great looking cookies and yum! I made one with apricot filling and it was good!

Megan 10:40 AM  

I've never made a linzer cookie but they are sure getting good reviews! Your look really great.
BTW- I think you need to teach me how to change my background. I tried but it didn't work. :(

noskos 4:01 PM  

Butter just make everything taste better :-) Glad you liked the recipe, your cookies look yummy!

Steph 10:09 AM  

I wish i made them... but having to wash the food processor plus with all my essays and exams i had no time. I've never used margarine to bake before.. do you think it makes a big difference? I wonder if it could be substituted in CCC recipes. I just pulled an all nighter trying to finished my essay and I definitely to bake something before I go crazy.

Btw, I love it when my family requests stuff I bake because sometimes I have a hard time trying to get then eat more than one serving! It's so exciting when my mom asks me to bake her scones.. aparently, everything else is too sweet! haha

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