Tuesdays With Dorie - Black and White Banana Loaf

>> Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I don't know how to explain it. You flip through Dorie's book and drool over the recipes and photographs. Everything sounds so yummy, and when you have an ingredient you need to use, usually you can find something in the index. So how could this baking bible disappoint any baker? Perhaps it was my tastebuds or perhaps fresh nutmeg really does make a difference, but I didn't enjoy the Black and White Banana Loaf chosen for this week. The nutmeg is very distinct. If you hate nutmeg, you will not like this bread. But I don't hate nutmeg. Maybe because I was expecting more chocolate flavor (I used semi-sweet) or even the rum. I barely tasted the Bacardi Puerto Rico rum I used. It smelled (and tasted) good when I made the banana mixture, but since alcohol evaporates after baking, I couldn't tell anymore. The rum was a golden rum, not a dark rum. Maybe I'm the one who messed up and the recipe is perfectly fine. After all, my bread was flatter than usual banana bread. And why did Dorie list this as a cake and not bread? Well, if I didn't do the baking right, at least my marbling looks like marbling! I'm quite proud of my photograph too.

Black and White Banana Loaf

Ashlee from A Year in the Kitchen has chosen this week's recipe. She also had trouble with her loaf, also barely tasting the rum. My batter wasn't runny, though. She tweaked the recipe, so please visit her lovely blog for suggestions and the recipe. If you own the book, the recipe can be found on page 232.


sara 4:44 PM  

I really enjoy nutmeg, and found that I coulf harldy taste it in mine! I think I didn't ad enough, I sort of eyeballed it....

Rebecca 5:32 PM  

This one was NOT my favorite, either. Bring on the ice cream!

CB 6:36 PM  

Yeah it had 2 strikes for me - nutmeg and bananas. Yucky! Your marbling does look purdy. Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

Nancy/n.o.e 6:53 PM  

Lovely cake - you really nailed the marbling. Like you, I also used pre-ground nutmeg (shhh!) and golden rum, but I liked the taste of the loaf/cake. For me the flavors balanced. Different bakers, different tastebuds, I guess!


Christine 7:51 PM  

I cut back on the nutmeg and didn't think it was enough. Your marbling is perfect, great job!

Rigby 8:03 PM  

Your cake looks really good! Sorry you didn't like the recipe....mine was really chocolately and not so much banana flavor.

Engineer Baker 8:53 PM  

I have to say, I splurged on fresh nutmeg, and it's a completely different flavor. I say though, if you have a banana bread recipe you like better, just go with that one.

Stephanie Bourassa 9:04 PM  

It is a good photograph. It is difficult to shoot food and make it look as tasty as it is in real life.

Susie Homemaker 10:41 PM  

I really couldn't taste the nutmeg in mine...maybe you're just a weirdo!
Just kidding! Looks good - be proud of that pic!

Megan 10:52 PM  

To bad the bread was dissappointing. But it sure looks good.

Natalie 12:33 AM  

Good pictures, good marbling, and sorry you didn't care for it!

Pamela 9:25 AM  

While we enjoyed the recipe, it definitely wasn't a favorite. I'm sorry you were disappointed, but there's ice cream to be made!!

Carla 11:04 AM  

Awww, thanks for the comments Carla! I appreciate your concern. I have been a very bad blogger. I love your persistence! I suppose summertime has the opposite effects on me than it does most bloggers, instead of feeling inspired to cook(which I still am doing, just not blogging), I just want to get out and play(with my kiddos). I'd rather neglect my blog than them. Camden is going to start school for the first time so I am getting kind of sentimental and trying to eat up every little bit before she leaves me! :( I will be back though, I promise!

suburban housefrau 2:01 PM  

I too used fresh nutmeg (all I had) and I found that I didn't taste it much.

Nicola 10:48 AM  

Your picture is lovely, sorry you didn't enjoy the loaf. Hopefully next week :)

Summertime,  12:27 PM  

I didn't get a lot of rum coming through in my loaf, either, and I did use the dark rum. My husband solved that "problem" by dousing his slice with Godiva liqueur. Your marbling looks great!

Jules Someone 3:21 PM  

This was kind of a disappointment for me as well. Nice marbling on yours.

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