The Ice Cream Bug Is Unleashed

>> Monday, August 18, 2008

Now that I know I can make ice cream without a maker, I've become addicted. Ok, so I've only made Blackberry Sour Cream Ice Cream and this vanilla ice cream, but I've been collecting all sorts of recipes. It figures - I discovered this technique last week and now I'm leaving for school in two days. No, I'm not going to make ice cream at school because I will be stuck eating the whole thing (my roommates actually watch what they eat haha).

A few months ago, Megan from Megan's Cookin mailed me a bunch of vanilla beans. I decided I was going to make real vanilla ice cream, so I turned to (who else?) Dorie Greenspan. This is by far the best vanilla ice cream I've ever eaten. Usually I pass on vanilla, but not this time. Guess that tells you something about most ice cream places.

My custard heated to 180F pretty quickly, so just be prepared to move fast so you don't overheat the mixture.

Dorie's Vanilla Ice Cream

You can find the recipe on p. 428 of Baking: From My Home To Yours. Has anyone tried Dorie's Honey-Peach Ice Cream on p. 437? I'm not a honey fan, but I might make this anyway.


Megan 11:05 PM  

I'm a sucker for those little vanilla flecks. That ice cream is so tempting!

Steph 6:40 AM  

I've never had real vanilla bean icecream before, but I can imagine how much better it tastes! All these homemade icecream recipes makes me want to go and get an icecream maker.

OhioMom 10:09 AM  

Homemade ice cream is the bestest! Looks yummy!!

Steph 12:16 PM  

Thanks for giving me the tip on making icecream without an icecream maker!! Have you tried this method.. how does it compare with a regular churner?

Sara 10:50 PM  

I have heard of making ice cream this way, but wasn't sure if it would come out ok. Hearing that it does is bad news. Now I have to make ice cream.

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