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>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

I don't feel like posting a recipe today, but I do need some help. Now that I'm back at school and cooking for myself, I want to try new things. I always cook with chicken or beef, so I want to add more fish to my diet. I need fast and budget-friendly recipes. You can either email me recipes at mooseymoosecc[at] or just leave a comment. Thanks! I love all of my visitors <3


OhioMom 11:08 AM  


Just pick up 1 pound or less individual pieces, season and place in a small fry pan, a couple of minutes each side (combo of butter and olive oil).

Stephanie Bourassa 6:33 PM  

Oh I have a great one, you can even make a batch and freeze it so you always have something quick for lunch when you're out of time of ideas. I'll e-mail you!

Nancy/n.o.e 12:13 AM  

I just tried a great new fish recipe this evening. I posted it on my blog, The Dogs Eat the Crumbs
It's a Cooking Light recipe with lots of reviews. The recipe calls for halibut but many of the reviewers made it with another white fish.

good luck with everything!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook 10:55 AM  

I love fish tacos (which sound weird, but are fantastic) for a good fish recipe; I just cut the fish into strips, dip it into soured-with-vinegar hemp milk (can't have dairy or eggs, or I'd use those), dip it into a mixture of grits or cornmeal with a finer-ground flour, and pan fry in some oil until the fish is crispy and browned. Then I serve it in taco shells or in corn tortillas with guacamole and veggies. I would use a thinned sour cream/jalapeno sauce if I could to contrast with the crunchy, salty fish. Yum.

Katie 12:52 PM  

Last night I used my grill pan to cook some salmon for my husband and myself. I LOVE McCormick's barbecue seasoning (not St Louis ribs or anything like that, just their Barbecue spice rub). I sprinkled it on the fish, rubbed it in, let it marinate about 15 minutes, and quickly grilled in. The spice rub added a nice crust to the fish and lots of flavor!

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