No Orange Zest For Me

>> Sunday, April 20, 2008

Entries are due this Saturday for the Weekend Cookbook Challenge - Vintage Cookbooks!

How could the simple flavor of orange make one sick? I love chocolate oranges and Jaffa cakes. Perhaps it is because the chocolate is the dominant flavor and orange is the back-up.

When the janitor uses citrus cleaner, I feel like I'm going to pass out/gag from the orange smell. I hate the taste of orange juice. I can stomach it when it's paired with other juices, but it takes me awhile to drink the entire carton (I still have orange peach mango juice from almost two weeks ago).

However, yesterday really opened up my eyes. I spontaneously bought 3 oranges for 99 cents a few weeks ago. One I used, one got moldy, and the other was still salvagable (I made sure to scrub it hard). I decided to make Chocolate Covered Candied Orange Peels and Orange Beef and Broccoli. Well, I burnt the orange peels. I didn't get a chance to cook them until transparent, so they still had the peel texture. Ick. I may try these again when I'm home with my family so they can eat most of them. As for the beef, my roommate said it smelled good. I have a low odor threshold, so I couldn't tell you. I used mushrooms, red pepper, and carrots due to lack of broccoli. Everything tasted delicious until I added orange zest at the very end. I didn't think the orange zest would make my stomach rebel, but it did. I barely finished it. I'm not posting the recipes because they aren't to my liking just yet. However, if you love orange, you can click on the links and try it.

To end on a happy note, here is my baby trying to sleep. I get to see him on Friday!

Murray's good side

p.s. I want a lemon tree.


Megan 11:46 AM  

I keep telling my husband that we should get a little lemon tree. I just want it in a planter on the patio and dwarf it!

OhioMom 6:34 PM  

Cute Kitty ! Maybe the orange had gone bad ?

Megan 11:28 AM  

My anniversary was April 20th. The same day you wrote, I want a lemon tree."
Without any prompting, guess what my husband brought home.
A dwarf lemon tree!!!
I thought the timming was funny.
I quess it doesn't take much to amuse me. :) O.K. I'll quit playing on your blog now. Have a great day! It's Saturday!!!

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