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>> Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who here doesn't have an addiction to either coffee, tea, or both? I'm a huge coffee person, although I do drink tea occasionally. If I wasn't so worried about my caffeine intake, I would drink coffee everyday! My favorite coffee chain is Dunkin Donuts because they give me coupons all the time, and let's face it - I'm a broke college student who can use all the coupons she can get. I almost always get a latte (the exception is when I have a free coupon for an iced coffee), whether it's hot or iced. Someday I'll learn how to make my own lattes and stop buying from corporate chains. I also love going into coffee houses, but I do that occasionally because they can be quite expensive for my budget.

There was a recent consumer report on the news about how decaf coffee does not mean caffeine-free. I actually knew that decaf coffee still had about 10% of the caffeine. But did you know there is no regulation of how much caffeine can be put into decaf coffee? Researchers took the smallest size of decaf coffee from six famous coffee chains and determined how much caffeine each cup had. Although most had less than 5 mg, Starbucks had 21 mg, Seattle's Best had 28 mg, and Dunkin Donuts had 32 mg. Although those numbers are significantly less than a caffeinated coffee, which is roughly 100 mg, you have to be careful you don't drink too much decaf.

So why the fuss about coffee and tea? Because of the recent grand opening of Kettle and Cup, a blog solely dedicated to all things coffee and tea. Marye and her husband are so obsessed, they have their own brand of roasted coffee! Damn, I wish I was that lucky!! What's the next best thing? Winning a pound of their roasted coffee. Head on over to Kettle and Cup for more details on the grand opening give-away.


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